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Last updated: July 18, 2019

4 Extension Cutting Tips To Keep You Calm

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Keep Calm With These 4 Extension Cutting Tips

It’s the most nerve-wracking part of the extension installation process—you’ve spent time creating the perfect full, lusciously long look…and now it’s time to get out your scissors or razor and blend. 😱 Don’t be afraid! We got these tips from Donna Bella Hair Master Educators Baelee Reiter (@inbaeleeschair) at THE BTC SHOW in San Antonio for how to keep your guest—and yourself—from freaking out when it’s time to blend extensions.


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1. Be Clear In The Consultation

A client who just spent a lot of money on hair and an installation is not going to be receptive if she sees you pick up the scissors, so make sure you address the need to cut and blend in the consultation so she’s prepared, Baelee said. Explain that the blending process is necessary to make them look believeable and undetectable.


2. Determine The Length (And Maintain The Perimeter)

Once you set the perimeter in the back, you can clip away the bottom two rows of hair and keep them out of the way. This keeps you from cutting into it, causing a hole.



3. Frame The Face

This is a great way to demonstrate to your client the power of extension blending, because it’s what she can immediately see in the mirror. Part from the ear forward, find her shortest length and use soft, gentle strokes to blend the face-framing pieces. (Baelee likes to use a Donald Scott Carving Comb, but a razor or scissors will also work!)


4. Connect The Layers

A crucial step for movement, Baelee recommends working in vertical sections no wider than 1 inch (any larger and you could lose control). Hold the section at a low elevation, drop her hair out and start to slide down the section from where her hair ends.



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