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Last updated: April 16, 2019

3 Tips To Achieve Chris Appleton’s Snatched Ponytail

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Here’s How Chris Appleton Creates The Ariana Grande-Approved Snatched Pony
Whether you know him as Kim K’s go-to hairdresser or the man behind Ariana Grande’s signature ponytail, Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1) is the trendsetter everyone is watching on Instagram. So when Chris hit THE BTC SHOW stage to dish out all the secrets behind his snatched pony, we knew the BTC fam would want more.




That’s why Chris went LIVE to teach how he adds a WOW factor to any ponytail, how to install extensions that are undetectable and how to achieve that perfect snatch—click HERE to watch with lifetime access! But first, scroll through the basic tips you need to get started. 



Click Through Some Of Chris’ Most Famous Snatched Ponies! 

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1. Ponytail Placement Determines Impact

Whether it’s high-and-tight or low and sophisticated, the ponytail position has the power to change the face. Here’s how:

  • Low Placement: A ponytail secured low at the nape will give off a more serious and professional vibe. 
  • Mid Placement: Ponies that are secured at the occipital will have a little swoosh to them, evoking a cuter and more feminine look. 
  • High Placement: The higher you go, the more the face is snatched. Chris loves the snatched ponytail because the height accentuates the face and creates an edgier, sexier look. 


Dramatic Placement Tip: Follow the eye line to snatch the face, then brush the hair back into a tight ponytail that’s smooth on the scalp. Chris recommends even placing the ponytail a little higher than where you want it to sit because it will naturally fall. 



2. Apply Extensions Flat On The Scalp

Applying extensions are KEY to achieving Chris’ dramatic ponytail. Here’s how he lays clip-ins flat on the head, so they’re undetectable in the finished style. 

  1. Cut clip-in extensions so they are only two clips wide—this will help them lay flat on the scalp. 
  2. Tease the roots to create an anchor, then apply Color Wow Cult Favorite Flexible Holding Hairspray to the roots only. 
  3. Apply the clip-in extensions, secure at the base and continue working clockwise around the head.


Application Tip: Avoid working on a square shape or applying clip-ins at part lines and the hairline, otherwise they will be noticeable later on. 


Chris Appleton Ariana Grande Snatched Ponytail Celebrity Hair




3. Secure Properly For A Long-Lasting Snatch

When Chris works with celebrities like Ariana Grande who are onstage dancing and performing, it’s super important that the ponytail stays snatched—this is why securing the pony properly is essential. Here’s how Chris does it:

  1. Secure the ponytail with an elastic.
  2. Then take a small section of hair in the ponytail and prep it with hairspray.
  3. Continuously wrap the section around the base and douse it with more hairspray.
  4. Then, lock in the style with a Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000.
  5. Secure with a hair pin and avoid pinning right at the base so it doesn’t hurt the client.


Chris Appleton Ariana Grande Snatched Ponytail Celebrity Hair



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The finished look?! SNATCHED. 


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