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Last updated: September 24, 2017

3 Benefits of Conditioner Your Clients Might Not Know

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There’s a lot to consider when helping your client pick out their perfect conditioner—especially since many clients are conditioner-wary! Fine-haired clients think conditioning products weigh their strands down, and thick-haired clients think their hair dries more slowly when they use it. But, as their stylist, it’s your job to make sure they aren’t overlooking the process that helps keep their hair healthy and shiny! Here are three reasons you can give your clients for why they should be using more conditioner.


1. It Closes The Cuticle
Explain to your clients when they shampoo, they are opening their hair cuticles so that the strand can be thoroughly cleansed. Their conditioner works to close the cuticle so that the moisture, nourishment (and color!) won’t escape as quickly.


2. It Adds Shine (Duh!)
What client doesn’t wish they had shiny, glamorous, healthy-looking locks? Conditioner is their first step to achieving the lustrous hair of their dreams—skipping the conditioning step leaves strands looking dull and dry.


3. It Kicks Frizz and Breakage
Are your clients complaining about breakage or frizz? Let them know that conditioners help maintain the elasticity of hair and provide hydration that is lost while shampooing. Plus, when hair is dry, it tends to reach out toward moisture in the air, and you know what that means—frizz. Conditioner solves both of these problems!


Finding The Right Formula
OK so, YOU know the benefits of conditioner, but you might still have clients who are hesitant to use it. Change their minds with the right product, like Matrix‘s Biolage Aqua-Gel Conditioners. Lightweight, and created with a water-gel technology, the Aqua-Gel Conditioners are available in four different ranges: ColorLast, HydraSource, VolumeBloom and SmoothProof to provide tailored benefits for all fine hair needs.