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Last updated: March 29, 2018

11 Tips To Get Your Shot Noticed During #ONESHOT

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It’s our favorite time of year—#ONESHOT season! It’s all about posting that one perfect shot, that one photo that stops you mid-scroll and makes you say, “WOW!” BTC Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector-Gable and Social Media Director Kevin Givens are pros at spotting the perfect shot—last year, they examined 131,000 entries—so trust us when we say that if you want to get your shot noticed, you should take their advice.


Remember, #ONESHOT is totally free, open to anyone and you can enter as many times as you want! There are two segments: #HOTSHOT, which encourages real hair behind the chair, and #BIGSHOT, where you can submit studio work. Enter by using the official hashtags on Instagram! There are 18 #HOTSHOT categories and six #BIGSHOT categories, ranging from haircuts to fades, ombrés to unconventional color.


You have until April 9 to post all #HOTSHOT entries and until June 1 for #BIGSHOT entries. Click here for all the details, including categories, hashtags and rules! The #ONESHOT Awards go down Sunday, Aug. 26 in San Antonio, Texas during the three-day THE BTC SHOW. Reserve your hotel room now!


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Watch Mary and Kevin give you the #ONESHOT rundown!



1. Your background is everything.
A messy salon station, used color bowls, your afternoon coffee—these have no place in a #ONESHOT photo. Find a wall that’s a single color (a light wall for dark hair and a dark wall for light hair is ideal) and use it as your backdrop. And a hint: avoid brick walls. The colors in a brick wall can diminish your finished style. “Have respect for the work you’re doing,” Mary shared. “A busy background fights with the work you created.”


2. Try to show the model’s face.
If you have an amazing transformation, you MUST show a before-and-after shot—and try to include the person’s face in the photo. That way, you can avoid any questions about whether you actually used the same person in the shot (hey, it happens!). In addition, while photos in an Instagram carousel post won’t be what you are judged on, you can include additional photos of your transformation to prove that the model is the same in the before shot and after shot.


3. Go easy on editing.
Let’s talk photo editing software. You may use apps like this to adjust the lighting or remove a blemish from your client’s face, but use with caution. “If you fix the face, that’s fine, but it might call into question what else is being edited,” Kevin said. And this should go without saying, but avoid filters completely. They misrepresent the actual colors. Don’t bump up the vibrancy on your creative color shots. Don’t blur lines of demarcation or otherwise edit your shot. We can tell!


4. You don’t need expensive equipment.
Cell phone cameras are highly advanced now, and you can purchase an inexpensive ring light (or grab a selfie light from the BTC Shop!) to perfectly light your photos.


5. Transformations aren’t only about color.
Don’t limit your transformations to haircolor. Mary and Kevin would love to see more outstanding cutting transformations!


6. Wardrobe matters.
You may think you can’t control what a client is wearing, but if you want to be serious, here’s a tip: grab a couple inexpensive black blouses or T-shirts in various sizes and keep them at your station. Your client can put one on for your photos. “A design on clothing that clashes with your gorgeous hair can set your photo back,” Mary said.



7. Use the tags correctly.
Make SURE you use the official #ONESHOT hashtags in the actual post caption for #BIGSHOT and #HOTSHOT. We use a special technology to ensure we see every single photo, and if you post the captions as a comment, our software won’t find it—and your photo won’t be seen! And of course, tag #behindthechair too. If we love your photo, we might repost it!


8. We love a quickie!
We have five video categories this year, and these are the only places where you can (actually, you MUST) post a video. A BTC Quickie is a video (1 minute or less) that shows an amazing tip, technique or transformation that can be about anything—haircolor, cutting, close-ups of techniques, etc. Get creative!


9. Take your braids up a notch.
When it comes to braids, be extreme. The braids category is where we want to see your most exceptional and cutting-edge braid skills. This is not the place for a basic braid—flex those braiding muscles! And remember, a great color can totally accentuate an amazing braid, so consider entering the new collaboration category, where you can team with up to three people!


10. Get global inspiration.
Get inspired by checking out international award winners. The Australian Hair Expo Awards, the British Hairdressing Awards and the Russian Hairdressing Awards all showcase incredible work that can help get your creative juices flowing.


11. Remember: ANYONE can win.
Last year, most winners had less than 20,0000 followers. One winner had less than a thousand followers. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have—it’s all about that #ONESHOT!


Enter now! Get the hashtags!