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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Beth Minardi Signature Demi Permanent Liquid Color

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Beth Minardi Signature® Demi Permanent Liquid Color – A true scientific innovation. This ammonia-free liquid color is formulated to provide extreme shine. It matches or deepens color and refreshes faded, dry, lackluster hair lengths. Slate, Buttercream and Burnished Ginger name just a few of these remarkable, intermixable shades.

All Beth Minardi Signature shades contain an exclusive dual conditioning system featuring Ceramide 2, a biomimetic lipid that mimics nature to strengthen and protect the hair’s cuticle layer during the haircolor process. This proven ingredient also maintains hair’s flexibility, elasticity and shine while preventing future washout and fading.  All shades are also formulated with Phyto-Collagen, proteins that restore the hair’s natural moisture balance while also repairing damage to hair’s internal structure, ultimately delivering maximum nourishment during haircolor processing. 

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