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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Sport Clips Opens Store in 50th State

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On July 9, Sport Clips Haircuts opened a store in Bangor, Maine. We’re sure you’re wondering…what’s so significant about that? Well, this store opening is a major milestone in the history of Sport Clips because the store signifies its presence in all 50 states!


“We celebrate each store opening, and we’ve reached a true milestone with this one,” says Gordon Logan, founder and CEO of Sport Clips.


With close to 1,400 locations operating across the U.S. and Canada since 1993, and only five store closings since 2010, Sport Clips continues as a leading franchise business investment opportunity.


“To see the emergence of Sport Clips in new states over the past twenty years has been both exciting and rewarding,” shares Gordon. “We couldn’t have done it without Sport Clips’ skilled and dedicated team members, franchisees and support team members.”

At the helm of the Bangor franchise is Dennis Guerrette, who, prior to becoming Maine’s first Sport Clips franchisee, worked in corporate finance for IBM and Procter & Gamble, and later as a chief financial officer for three firms in Maine. He credits his brothers with giving him the “entrepreneurial bug,” which led him to pursue franchising.




“In 2014, my three business partners and I were researching franchise concepts and considered Sport Clips because my brother and his son had such a great haircut experience at a location in Arizona. They were won over, and after trying it for myself, I was, too,” says Guerrette. “We feel strongly that ‘Mainers’ in Bangor will appreciate the MVP Experience and great value. We’re looking forward to introducing clients to all we have to offer!”


Guerrette holds 10 Sport Clips licenses for Maine and New Hampshire and has plans to open additional locations in Portland, Biddeford, Augusta-Waterville and Topsham-Brunswick, and in other communities across the state.


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