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Last updated: October 03, 2017

A Barber Gained This Little Boy’s Trust And Gave Him A Haircut He’ll Never Forget

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Living with autism can sometimes present unexpected challenges. So, a few months ago when Jamie Lewis and Denine Davies’ son, Mason, was diagnosed with autism, they had a hard time finding a barber who could cut his hair and make him feel comfortable in the chair. The little boy struggled with sitting still in the barber chair and wouldn’t let anyone go near his ears. Because of the sensory overload, haircuts can be difficult and sometimes even a little bit painful for those with autism.


James Williams, a hairdresser that came recommended to parents Jamie and Denine, tried many different ways to cut their son’s hair but was having trouble completing the task. “Over the last few months, I have been attempting to find different ways to cut Mason’s hair. He wouldn’t allow me to go near one of his ears. He would run away if he wasn’t up to it.” James wrote on his Facebook page.



One day, after many haircut attempts, James got down on the ground next to Mason, and while Mason was playing on the floor, he was able to cut Mason’s hair without much difficulty. On Facebook, James told his friends that after weeks of trying to gain Mason’s trust, he was finally able to give him a haircut that he and his parents loved. After the cut, James asked Mason for a high five, but to everyone’s surprise, the little boy thanked him with a big hug!



After the story spread online, James took to his Facebook page once more saying, “Mason is a superstar. I’m so touched to have made an impact globally for all families. To have raised awareness for ASD…honestly, I’m truly touched. #barberlove”