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Last updated: February 08, 2018

You Had Me At Halo

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Summer in the salon started off great—your clients flocked to your chair in masses, each requesting a “fresh” look for the season. Shags, bobs, shobs—nothing was off limits. Then one day you heard the words, “I’m tired of my short hair. I want something different.” Let’s face it—to your clients, the grass is always greener. Enter HALOCOUTURE—a solution to all your clients’ short or thinning hair concerns.


What started in a living room on a single sewing machine has quickly become one of the most seamless, effortless and damage-free ways to add thickness and length to hair.


Tina Owens, the creator and designer of HALOCOUTURE, founded the company in 2009 after creating her first weft on a sewing machine, thoughtfully and carefully placing each hair weft to mimic natural hair growth. One hundred pieces later, she began introducing HALOCOUTURE to beauty professionals. Her handmade, natural-looking, customizable halo extensions were an instant success, and five years later, Tina’s halos were in more than 3,500 salons. Today, HALOCOUTURE offers five types of extensions in 23 different colors and a full haircare system. 


Win your own Layered Halo!

Artist: Tina Owens

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    HALOCOUTURE Extensions are placed on your client’s head like a Halo, sitting about 1 to 3 inches behind the hairline. Gently slide the back of the hair extension right below the occipital bone with the sides positioned slightly above the ears.


    Note: You do not need to use excessive force or pressure on the Miracle Wire while positioning the extensions. Depending on personal comfort, your client may adjust the hook to the appropriate eyelet closure. When properly fit, it should feel snug but not tight.

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    Once the extensions are secure, use the back of your tail comb to gently pull your client’s hair out and over the top of the extensions, while gently holding it in place. Start the process from the front, moving toward the back.

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    Work the comb all the way around, making certain the extensions are fully covered, including the wire. The weight of the hair laying on top of the extensions helps keep it secure and in place. It’s really that simple!

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    HALOCOUTURE extensions also make creating intricate, lengthy styles a breeze. This summer-inspired loose fishtail updo was created using a single halo weft.