How-Tos > The Most Requested Hair Extensions Look from Hairdreams
June 26, 2013

The Most Requested Hair Extensions Look from Hairdreams


The Most Requested Hair Extensions Look from Hairdreams

What’s the most requested hair extension look in salons? Hairdreams and The Doves will show you! Achieve this long and lustrous look that all your clients are asking about! 

Who did it
Sonya and Christopher Dove, Chris Rosario
Photographer:  Nicolas Troncin
Makeup Artist: Eric Allen
Wardrobe Styling: Alejandro Peraza
Model: Genevieve
Photo Studio: Nick Education

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  • 1

    Separate a triangular section from temple to temple, braid it, secure ends using an elastic band and pin flat with bobby pins. Then use wig clips to make the hair flatter.

  • 2

    Separate an inch and a half U shape section behind the first section and clip it out of the way. (Make sure your parting is clean as this is where Quikkies will be applied later).

  • 3

    Pre-cut Quikkies 13-13** in half to create thinner pieces of color.

  • 4

    Apply Quikkies 65/13* about 2 inches from the hair line along the parting.

  • 5

    Place the lighter pre-cut Quikkies (13-13**) on either side of the darker Quikkies (65-13*). Continue alternating around the perimeter of the head.

  • 6

    Pre-cut Quikkies 65-13* for the second layer of application.

  • 7

    Drop down section that has been pinned up and then repeat steps 3-5 by using opposing colors placing darker (65-13) Quikkies on either side of lighter (6-65*). Alternate placement of Quikkies to give more dimension to the color.

  • 8

    Apply top hair piece (08-19**) starting from front following the hair line and secure into a braid. Brush hair down to keep it smooth.

  • 9

    Pre-section a V section of the bangs to get ready for cutting. For a blunt fringe cut from edge of brow to brow. Cut off to desired fringe length.

  • 10

    Finished Look

  • 11

    Use a razor to cut Quikkies and to blend with model’s hair.

  • 12

    Final look after blending.

  • 13

    In vertical sections use a medium hold, brushable working hair spray and conical iron, take 1 inch sections and wrap hair around the iron and then secure into place to cool down with a sectioning clip.

  • 14

    Take another verticle section and repeat.

  • 15

    Pin all curls up while still warm.

  • 16

    Brush hair out with Hairdreams brush.

  • 17

    Finish with a light hold hairspray.