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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Scarlet Merlot Waves from Wella Professionals

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Scarlet Merlot Waves from Wella Professionals

Summer is all about basking in the glow of the sun and swimming in the pool. But fun in the sun can take a toll on your client’s hair, leaving it brittle, faded and dry. What’s a stylist to do? Help restore their hair to its natural, rich and luxurious condition with a little help from Wella Professionals LuxeOil Collection. The oils penetrate the hair shaft, delivering moisture and nutrients for soft, smooth locks. Once her hair is restored, update her color with this deep, scarlet merlot shade—perfect for the fall season. Add in some loose, voluminous waves to give her some red-carpet glam.

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    Color Formula
    Wella Professionals ILLUMINA 7/43 + 6%/20-volume developer

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    1. Start at the nape making horizontal sections to define the outline sitting just below the shoulder. Work your way up to the crown and connect the sides. The sides are directed to the back to create a corner in front of the ear.

    2. Once that is done, take diagonal sections at the front from the center, parting down to the ear, parallel to the hairline.

    3. Cut the perimeter line from the mouth level down to the corner at the ear created by the first line. Follow the same technique on either side. Take pie-shaped section around the crown to layer the tip of the hair and create more movement.

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    Before shampooing hair, apply a few drops of the Wella Professionals Reconstructive Elixir on the midlengths and ends to protect the keratin in the hair’s sensitive areas.

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    Shampoo the hair with Wella Professionals LuxeOil Keratin Protect Shampoo. Towel-dry the hair before applying the mask.

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    Use the Wella Professionals LuxeOil Keratin Restore Mask together with Reconstructive Elixir for a luxurious, deep-restoring, in-salon treatment. Massage the head for 5 minutes and place under a controlled heat source, such as a Wella Professionals Climazon. Leave in for 10 minutes for maximum conditioning, then rinse.

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    Spray Wella Professionals Keratin Boost Leave-In Conditioner on hair to seal and restore porosity.

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    Create volume in the hair with a blow-dryer and round brush.

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    Use a curling iron to give the hair extra curl.

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    Use large clips to hold the curls in place until cool.

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    Once finished, brush out the ends and set into soft, tousled waves. Use the Wella Professionals Light Oil Spray for a soft touch and perfect hold to shape the hair.

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