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October 29, 2014

Red Carpet Glam from Hairdreams


Red Carpet Glam from Hairdreams

Just in time for all your clients’ holiday happenings—quickly add volume and length to even the shortest of ‘dos. Using Hairdreams’ innovative Laserbeamer Nano system, you can transform a short, fringe bob, into flowing, elegant, red-carpet waves in no time. So make her holiday wish come true by giving her the celebrity dream hair she has always wanted!

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Who did it
hair: Christopher and Sonya Dove, Hairdreams Ambassadors
hair assistants: Erin Pashenee, Hairdreams USA Master Educator and Abbie Doerr, Hairdreams Education and Development Manager
makeup: Burke Daniel
photography: Monica Orozco and Eric Schwabel
stylist: Alejandro Peraza
website: hairdreamsusa.com


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    Create longer length using Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano Color 59/59 7 Star 18-inch – 275 Nanos (Used 11 packs x 25). The entire application process, including cutting and styling will take 2 hours. Section straight partings starting in the nape. Use the Nano clips to prep the hair for Nano application.

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    Apply Hairdreams extensions using the Laserbeamer Nano.

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    Work up in straight rows toward the crown (6 rows).

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    Add Hairdreams Quikkies Color 13/19 18-inch, to the side and top parting, editorial style (3 rows inside, 2 rows single-sided, 1st temple row and 2nd row parting). Repeat on the opposite side. Hold the hair in place with hairspray and pin to keep it in place.

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    Place the Top Hair Color 24/08.

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    Cut with razor blending from the front and around the perimeter of the face. Repeat on the opposite side. Trim the ends at the back with a razor.

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    Style with a 1½-inch conical curling iron, wrapping the end of the hair around the iron. Pin and secure to cool, then set the hair with hairspray.

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