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Last updated: May 24, 2017

Mod Mop by TIGI®

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Mod Mop by TIGI®

This street-smart, short crop evokes a swinging ’60s vibe, but technical layering adds a modern, urban twist. A toning technique on prelightened hair creates an overall rich, cotton white, blending through to elderflower hues to soften the textured cut. Cut and color brought to you by  Warren Boodaghians and the TIGI® Creative Team.

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    Natural level: 7/0 blonde
    Color Formulas
    Formula A (Prelighten):
    40g TIGI® copyright©olour true light white + TIGI® copyright©olour activator 8.5-volume/2.55%.
    Formula B (Cotton White): 30g TIGI® copyright©olour gloss 10/02 + 2g TIGI® copyright©olour gloss 7/44 + TIGI® copyright©olour activator 5-volume/1.5%.
    Formula C (Elderflower): 15g TIGI® copyright©olour gloss 10/02 + TIGI® copyright©olour activator 5-volume/1.5%.

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    Prelighten with Formula A. Create a profile parting, followed by a radial parting. Create a semi-circular section working back from the radial parting, incorporating the crown area.

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    Create an irregular square section on either side of the profile parting, finishing 2 inches above the ear on each side, and 2 inches back from the hairline.

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    Create a center profile parting from the crown to the nape. Starting at the nape, apply Formula B to horizontal slices from roots to ends. Repeat on the opposite side.

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    Working from the radial toward the hairline, apply Formula B to ½-inch vertical slices from roots to ends. Repeat on the opposite side, and isolate the section with TIGI® copyright©olour Meche Strips.

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    Progressing into the crown area, subdivide the section for ease of application. Apply Formula B to horizontal slices to the roots, and blend Formula C through the midlengths and ends until the section is complete. Repeat on the opposite side and isolate using TIGI® copyright©olour Meche Strips.

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    Within the remaining two sections, apply Formula B to horizontal slices to the roots and blend Formula C through the midlengths and ends.

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    Create a profile part from the forehead to the nape, then two slight diagonal sections from the occipital to the middle of the ears. Next, create a vertical section below the occipital. Elevate the hair to 90 degrees and blunt-cut, increasing the length at the nape.

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    Continue working with pivoting sections toward the ear, maintaining elevation and distribution while following the center guide.

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    Create a horseshoe section at the mid-recession, below the crown. Work with vertical sections from the back toward the side. Using the guide from below, blunt-cut squarely to the head shape to remove weight.

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    Continue with the same technique, slightly overdirecting each section backward to maintain length toward the sides.

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    Create an ear-to-ear radial parting across the crown. Work with pivoting sections around the crown. Lift the hair to 90 degrees, then remove weight and create a slight disconnection to the underneath area by point-cutting round to the head shape.

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    In front of the ear, continue with pivoting sections and use the guide from the back. Overdirect each section slightly back to the previous section to maintain length and weight through the top and front perimeter.

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    Create a horizontal section along the front hairline. Comb the hair to natural fall and reshape the fringe using point-cutting at a low elevation. Further detail the fringe with freehand point-cutting.

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    Use parallel point-cutting to soften the interior shape and the hairline.

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    Blow-dry the hair with fingers. Finish with Bed Head Manipulator Matte for hold and separation.

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    Who did it
    Nick Irwin, TIGI® Global Creative Director
    haircolor: Warren Boodaghians
    photography: Roberto Aguilar
    makeup: Maria Vittoria Bortolussi
    styling: Jiv D