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June 23, 2017

In and Out Smoothing Service


In and Out Smoothing Service

A keratin treatment that can be completed in just one appointment, doesn’t leave you with watery eyes AND gives instant results (no more waiting for three days)? It’s all possible with the new Keratin Complex Personalized Blow Out™ Same Day Keratin Treatment. 

BTC saw the results firsthand at Marianne Strokirk Salon (@strokirksalon) in Chicago when BTC’s Natalie went from curly to sleek in one appointment.

Plus, this service is a bomb moneymaker for you—so get certified now! It takes less than 10 minutes! 

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    Natalie wanted her curls to be smoothed out but not stick straight. The desired finish will still allow her to wear her hair curly with volume and movement.

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    Shampoo the hair twice with Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo. Do not condition.

    Pro Tip: Using a clarifying shampoo twice will completely remove any excess dirt or particles on the hair and leave the cuticle totally open and ready to be treated.

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    Towel-dry the hair 80 percent for best results, Keratin Complex Educator Judith Barrientos told us at the salon. 

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    Adding a treatment service to your repertoire is a profitable move and it’s easy to do. The certification process takes less than 10 minutes—complete it now!

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    Once hair is 80 percent dry, section it into four sections. Measure out 1 to 2 fl oz./30-60 ml of Personalized Blow Out Same Day Keratin Treatment and start to apply the treatment evenly. Remember to use small, ½- to 1-inch sections and stay about ¼ inch away from the scalp.

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    After applying the treatment, comb through each section to avoid over-saturating and to ensure an even distribution.

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    After completing the entire head, cover the hair and treatment with a plastic cap, then allow the treatment to process for 30 to 40 minutes depending on your client’s desired outcome.

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    Remove the cap after 30 minutes. This is how the hair and treatment will look.

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    Then section the hair and blow-dry 100 percent.

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    Once hair is completely dry, section the hair into four sections and flat iron the hair through in 1-inch subsections following the guide. For Natalie’s look, flat iron from the roots to the midshafts at 380° for 6 to 7 passes. Then, run 1 pass from the midshafts to the ends at 360°. Let hair cool once complete.

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    Use a comb to keep track of the section while flat ironing through. Complete the entire head using this technique. 

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    Move to the shampoo bowl and rinse hair for only 5 seconds, concentrating on the scalp.

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    Then, towel-dry and apply the Picture Perfect Hair Bond Sealing Masque generously for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse the masque thoroughly, concentrating at the scalp, then towel-dry.

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    For best styling results, cocktail Intense RX Active Keratin Repair Serum from the midshaft to ends and Vita Volume Boosting Foam all over.

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    Blow-dry and style as desired.

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    Natalie finished her look with a dry cut touch-up. To keep the length, point-cut the perimeter, dust any split ends and add small, simple layers for movement.

  • 18

    After back

  • 19

    After front


    Treatment by Violet Velez (@violetta_cosmos)

    Blowout by Gabrielle Husbands (@hair.by.gabbyluv)

    Haircut by Gia Tovar (@giadoeshair)

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