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September 21, 2015

How-To: De-Bob the Hair


How-To: De-Bob the Hair

The enemy of volume and movement is weight! Whether short or long, thin or thick, too much bulk can ruin any style. It’s time to give your clients the gorgeous, textured cut she deserves! By using Baker’s De-Bulker, a texturizing trimmer with three different guards (The De-Bob for light texture, De-Bulk for moderate and the De-Bush for extreme) you can texturize quickly and more consistently while opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities. Here’s how to get this feathery, highly-textured look courtesy of De-Bulker creator, Michael Baker!





Artist: Michael Baker
Manufacturer: De-Bulker, @debulker

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    Begin working in the nape area, sliding the De-Bulker through the hair to collapse the interior.

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    Work up the head in this manner. Place the tool close to the head to begin building the desired shape.

  • 3

    Work around the side to the back of the ear, keeping the trimmer close to the head while sliding down the section.

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    In the crown area, keep the De-Bulker close to the root to maintain the round shape of the cut.

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    Move around to the “heavy side” of the cut, and keep an eye on the response of the wave pattern as you work.

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    Repeat on the other side.

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    To remove bulk on top, lift and direct sections forward, and place the De-Bulker two inches from the root.

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