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The De-Bulker

What makes this system the system for you?

Created by Michael Baker, an editorial hairdresser, The De-Bulker makes texturizing hair an efficient, precise, single-step process.

The De-Bulker comes with three attachments and was designed to eliminate bulk and the time consuming process of chipping and notching. The enemy of volume and movement is weight, even on fine hair.
To create texture within a haircut, it is necessary to break up a solid line. De-Bulk the hair.

De-Bob Texture Guard
Blending (Small)

  • Perfect attachment for blending & slightly removing bulk
  • Designed for use on clients with fine hair who desire smooth light texture in hair
  • Cuts small channels in the hair to create texture to achieve maximum control
  • Ideal for use on the perimeter of short haircuts

De-Bulk Texture Guard
Texturizing (Medium)

  • Perfect attachment for creating moderate texture & separation
  • Creates control & texture while removing bulk
  • Creates volume, dimension & breaks up solidness in shape

De-Bush Texture Guard
Extreme (Large)

  • Perfect for creative hair design
  • Used to create extreme texture
  • For clients with very bulky hair who want to eliminate weight & have more natural movement
  • Designed specifically for use on clients with coarse, curly hair
  • Used from the root and mid-shaft to the ends of the hair
  • Keeps blades moving while cutting out the endsTrimmer Specs:
    16.8 oz
    110v Rechargeable Trimmer
    Each kit comes with recharging base & wall charger
    40-50 Minutes of continuous usage

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Here’s what customers are saying about the De-Bulker:
“I got mine at premiere in Orlando, and it works really well for taking weight out!” Jodi via Facebook 
“This work’s great! Do it on clean, dry hair in 1″ sections.”
Linda Boyd via Facebook
“I did this today for the first time, and it’s amazing. The perfect tool for thinning out thick hair!”
Leanne McLennan