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Last updated: July 19, 2017

How to Create the Christina Ricci from UNITE

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How to Create the Christina Ricci from UNITE

Christina Ricci has Nikki Lee & Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One to thank for giving her long lovely locks and an uncompromising hair care regiment for her beautiful Great Lengths. Nikki and Riawna specialize in extensions and their hair team duo and unique application technique continues to bring Christina back to Nine Zero One. UNITE met up with the stylists and Christina to watch the transformation in action so Christina could attend the 2011 Met Ball with a new hairstyle.  The stylists reveal which UNITE products they used on Christina and which UNITE products they recommend with Great Lengths.



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    Prep the hair as directed by Great Lengths.

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    Begin the process by sectioning the hair and start to apply the strand-by-strand extensions at the base of the nape.

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    Continue sectioning the hair and applying the extensions, finishing at the crown.

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    Determine the perimeter line you wish to create and begin texturize extensions to blend with natural hair.  Christina requested a mid-length, naturally blended cut with fringe.

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    Spray UNITE Shina-Mist lightly over the top of the hair to begin which will give the hair overall shine.  It’s completely weightless and will not weigh the hair down at all.

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    Section the hair off into panels and lightly spray Shina-Mist all over each panel that will be flat ironed.  Spray approx. 4-5 sprays, and approx. 5″- 6″ from the hair per panel. Shina-Mist is a thermal protector and ideal for flat ironing.  Keep the iron adequate distance from the bonds as the bonds can loosen with heat.

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    After flat ironing, add 2-3 drops of UNITE Shina Liquid to the palm of your hand and work it through the hair, mid-lengths through the ends.  This will add shine, luster and separation to the hair.   We then set the UNITE GO365 Hair Spray to this highest of the three settings, STRONG hold, which is the desired hold per Christina.  Spray GO365 liberally all over.  This will give the hair a silky smooth finish.

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    Christina took a UNITE after care package with her for home use.  Her package consisted of UNITE Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner, UNITE Smoothing Deep Treatment, UNITE Shina Liquid, UNITE Shina Mist and UNITE 7Seconds Condition.  Other UNITE products recommended by Nine Zero One for Great Lengths extensions are UNITE Boing, Boosta, 7Seconds Dry Shampoo, Tricky Lite, Expanda Dust, Lazer Straight and Blow&Set, among others.

    UNITE is great to use on Great Lengths extensions because the products are sulfate and paraben free, which helps keep the bond strength.  All UNITE Shampoo/Conditioning Systems are infused with Moringa Seed, a color locking antioxidant which protects the hair shaft and botanisil, a thermal protectant that locks in color and reduces drying time, so works perfectly with colored extensions as well.

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    Riawna Capri: Co-Owner/Stylist?
    Specialties: Extensions, freehand bailiage, and mens’ grooming

    Riawna Capri has been following her passion for hair for over 10 years, began her training in Las Vegas and went on to work at some of the most prestigious salons including Fred Segal Beauty, Umberto, and the Ken Paves Salon.  She continued her education at Unite Academy among other academies and was awarded Best Extensions in Los Angeles, on City Search, for 2 consecutive years. Riawna specializes in Great Lengths Extensions, natural “beachy” color/bailiage,women’s long layered haircuts & men’s haircuts–while focusing on the health of the hair–are a few of the reason behind her success. Riawna’s down to earth personality and talent has allowed her to travel the world with A-list celebrities.  Riawna’s list of clientele includes some of the top names in the entertainment industry–doubling in the past year simply from word of mouth. Her work has been featured in movies, magazines, music videos & red carpet events. Riawna’s goal for each client is to “create a natural look that is low maintenance and comes off effortless.”

    Nikki Lee: Co-Owner/Stylist?
    Specialties: Extensions, long hairdressing, and multi-dimensional color

    Successful hairstylist, and salon owner Nikki Lee began her career with an apprenticeship at Fred Segal Beauty and then worked on perfecting her craft while at the Ken Paves Salon. Nikki specializes in Great Lengths Extensions, multi dimensional color, and long hairdressing.  She has sustained an elite clientele, including A-List celebrities and was awarded Best Extensions in LA, on City Search, for 2 consecutive years. Nikki’s success has allowed her to work with a wide range of events, television shows, magazines and photo shoots.  Nikki’s attention to detail and her ability to create a unique look that compliments each client’s individuality is what continues to motivate her each day.