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Last updated: November 09, 2018

How-To: Blue Hawaiian

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How-To: Blue Hawaiian

This summer, give her a royal hue. Mix up her favorite blue, add in a stunning emerald and create this one-of-a-kind street, sleek style she and everyone else will love. With the IGORA ColorWorx tones from Schwarzkopf Professional, upping her summer style just got a whole lot easier and nothing says sporty and sexy quite like this confident color. Here is how it’s done!

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    Create a large zigzag parting off center and from the top of the head to the crown. Next, create a large zigzag parting on the left side above the parietal ridge to the crown and repeat on the right side.

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    Color Formulas

    Formula A: IGORA VARIO BLOND PLUS + 10-volume (3%) IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 1:2
    Formula B: IGORA VIBRANCE Gloss & Tone 4-0 + 6-0 1:1 + 13-volume (4%) IGORA VIBRANCE Gloss & Tone Developer Lotion 1:1
    Formula C: IGORA ColorWorx Blue + Green 1:1
    Formula D: IGORA ColorWorx Blue
    Formula E: IGORA ColorWorx Green

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    Next, create top knots and secure each diamond section, leaving out the front hairline.

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    Within your diamond sections, take horizontal, thinly-sliced, back-to-back sections of hair at the beginning of the front hairline and then apply Formula A from the scalp to the ends to prelighten the hair.

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    Repeat step 1 within each diamond section until the hair reaches the desired Level 10 (leave out the section at the top center of the head). Then, shampoo with BC Bonacure Fibre Force Shampoo and dry the hair.

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    Apply Formula B to the regrowth. Do not color hair within the original diamond section and on the back of the head.  Process as recommended and place protective foils over the processing base.

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    On the left prelightened, diamond section on the back side of the head, take thinly-sliced, horizontal sections on a foil and apply Formula C from the scalp to the ends.

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    Next, repeat step 4 using Formula D and then Formula E.

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    Move to the right side of the head and repeat steps 4 through 5.

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    On the left front diamond prelightened section, take thinly-sliced horizontal sections and apply Formula C on foils from the scalp to ends. Color the entire section.

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    Next, on the right front diamond prelightened section, take thinly-sliced horizontal sections and apply Formula D on foils from scalp to ends. Repeat until halfway through the diamond section. Then, on the right front diamond prelightened section, take thinly-sliced horizontal sections and apply Formula C on foils from the scalp to the ends to complete entire section.

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    On the remaining front section apply Formula B from the scalp to the ends and process as recommended. Then shampoo, condition and style as desired.