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Last updated: July 19, 2017

Honey and Amber Ombré by Great Lengths

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Honey and Amber Ombré by Great Lengths

Here’s how to go to “great lengths” on relaxed, Level 3 hair, using three shades from the 3D Sun FX collection in 20-inch lengths. The UltraSonic 5000 application method produces flat bonds that present the ombré effect to best advantage!




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    Create a horseshoe parting from the nape to the temple, as shown.

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    Alternate the three shades in the pattern shown on rows one through five.

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    When performing a lengthening service that adds color, it’s important to think about how the color will blend to create a seamless transition between the client’s hair and the hair being added. Here, Dieter starts with the lightest ombré strands at the nape, and then gradually introduces the darker ombré strands as work progresses up the head, stopping at the parietal ridge.

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    Cutting is also a critical component of color blending. Here, Dieter lifts a vertical section to 45 degrees and slide-cuts from the natural hair start point downward. The desired length will determine the angle and pressure of your shears. Cut the hair in pie-shaped sections around the head.

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    After blending the natural hair with the applied hair, elevate the ends, flip the strands away from your body and point-cut the ends with blending shears. This produces a soft perimeter and prevents a broom effect.

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    Slicing through the perimeter creates the desired shape and maintains a soft, natural-looking, modern effect.

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    Visually check to determine if any individual strands need to be softened. Lighter strands may require a bit more softening to blend into the rest of the hair. Pick out the individual strand, and gently glide a razor or blending shears along the strand down to the end.

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