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August 24, 2009

Denman Finishing How-To: Long Thick Layers


Denman Finishing How-To: Long Thick Layers

Sometimes thick hair can be unruly and hard to style. With these technicals from Denman, you’ll learn how to cultivate a soft, natural wave and then build up volume, movement and curl for a tame look teaming with class and polish. Denman spokesperson, Mark Woolley, Owner and Creative Director of Electric Hairdressing says “Thick textured hair can sometimes be a challenge but a strong technique will allow you to take control.”

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  • 1

    Prepare the hair by working a small amount of smoothing cream through the lengths and ends.

  • 2

    Using the Metal Pin Paddle brush, begin by moving the hair around with the brush and dryer. Direct the airflow into the sections as you brush them out. The special metal pins on the brush detangle, smooth and eliminate static.

  • 3

    Section the hair through the center parting and horizontally just behind the ear. Using a large round natural bristle Wooden Curling brush, take a brush sized horizontal section from the nape. Place the brush in at the root and draw the brush down the section directing the air flow into the bristles from above. When you reach the end wrap the hair under and hold.

  • 4

    Allow the hair to cool in the bristles before releasing. Move up the head, working through the entire back section in this manner.

  • 5

    Take a horizontal section from over the ear and through the back to the opposite side. Begin joining the previously worked section through the base of the crown to the temple. Wrap the hair around the brush – hold, release and repeat.

  • 6

    The compact natural bristles allow you to create the tension needed to smooth the hair. Wrap the hair into the bush and allow it to cool in the bristles, creating bend at the ends.

  • 7

    Work around the section to the front hairline. Here roll the hair tightly, heat, hold and allow to cool before gently releasing.

  • 8

    On the top area, take the first section at the crown and, supporting the mid lengths on the dryer barrel, place the brush in at the root, lift and pull. Roll the brush in, curling the hair under towards the face.

  • 9

    Gently release the hair to fall into a soft curl. Continue working on the top and front sections in this manner.

  • 10

    At the front hairline ensure all the short hair is included in the brush. Continue to work over the hair blending the sections as you go.

  • 11

    A soft, natural wave with lots of shine and polish.

  • 12

    Lightly dampen the hair with a water spray and work a firm hold mousse evenly through the hair from lengths to ends. Section the hair horizontally above the ear at the brow line. Place a large Headhugger brush in at the root and pull down the hair shaft, directing the air flow into the brush.

  • 13

    Repeat a number of times on the same section to smooth, then, while heating with the dryer, roll all the hair into the brush right up to the head. Leave the brush in place to allow to cool fully.

  • 14

    Now take a vertical section from the crown to above the ear. This section will be curled away from the face. Take a mid size Hot Curling brush and work the section using the same technique. Wrap the hair tightly around the barrel of the brush and leave to cool.

  • 15

    Alternate horizontal and vertical sections working around the head. Vary the brush barrel sizes and leave in the hair to cool completely. Using a slow dryer setting on cool will speed up this process.

  • 16

    Gently remove the brushes and let the hair fall. Polish with serum and arrange gently with the fingers.

  • 17

    A sexy look with volume, movement and natural-looking curl.