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September 28, 2007

Balayage “Teased” Mohawk


Balayage “Teased” Mohawk

Balayage, the French method of highlighting, gives your client that European look she’s always dreamed of!  The foil-free application of Bayalage provides the ultimate freedom for you color pros.  It allows you to apply fewer highlights near the roots and more highlights on the ends of the hair.  Try this Balayge “Mohawk” Step-by-Step from John Siggers Balayage DVD in the BTC Bookstore.  We’re sure your client will be saying “merci beaucoup” on her way out the door!





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    Use a medium hairspray to make the hair dirty.  Then start teasing the hair using the hairspray and comb. 

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    The hair has to be teased strong enough so the product doesn’t weigh it down.

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    Section the hair into 5 rows of tubes, teased up and reinforced with hairspray, leaving out the hairline. 

  • 5

    After finishing rows, mix your product a little thinner than in normal Balayage, using Balayage Bleach.

  • 6

    Apply lightener to both sides of the paddle.  Paint the lightener on, holding one side with the paddle and the other with the brush. 

  • 7

    Paint tubes 1 inch from scalp, staring in the front and working towards the nape.

  • 8

    Continue the same process moving down on the next row of hair. 

  • 9

    Continue this step until one side is finished and all tubes are painted.

  • 10

    Starting on the other side of your first row, continue to paint those tubes from front to back.

  • 11

    Make sure you keep enough product on your paddle, keeping it close to your brush.

  • 12

    After finishing the other side, start working down into the nape area.

  • 13

    After finishing, it should look similar to the picture. Then you should move in front of the client to start working on the hairline.

  • 14

    Paint singles on the front of the hairline, directing them in the direction the hair flows.

  • 15

    Keep brush flat and diagonal with the paddle.

  • 16

    They should be about ½ inch apart.

  • 17

    Once you have painted all over, go back and paint the 1 inch sections closest to the roots, blending it in using less product.

  • 18

    After checking every piece of hair, it should resemble the picture.

  • 19

    Let Balayage sit on the hair for 20-30 minutes.

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    John Siggers
    Photography: Robert Galbaugh
    Makeup: Suni

  • 24

    Finished look.