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Last updated: January 30, 2008

Goldwell Blonding Collection

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Goldwell Blonding Collection

Every blonde is a special blonde – and with the new Goldwell Blonde Toning Acid Series, you can turn an ordinary client into a bombshell.  From warm blondes to cool, this color collection shows the range of shades you and your clients can achieve. 

Learn More About the Goldwell Color Cycle and the Blonde Consultation Tool!

Plus, Goldwell’s Consultation Tool helps you effectively communicate with your flaxen-seeking client.  Here are a few steps you can take to achieve optimum results that will keep you clients coming back time and time again:
• Prior to the service, perform a professional consultation
• Ask relevant, open-ended questions to seek information,  determine the overall client’s needs and make appropriate recommendations
• Use the Blonde Consultation Tool to determine the tonal character the client prefers – neutral, warm or cool
• Consider the client’s complexion, skin tone and eye color for the most suitable shade recommendations
• Show swatches to demonstrate expected end results and confirm color choices
• Use client-friendly explanations (eg: Cinnamon Blonde, Almond Blonde or Ice Blonde) rather than technical levels and numbers
• Proceed with the color service

Inspired by nature’s best blonde tones such as seashells and desert sand, this collection is simply stunning. 

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