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Last updated: November 22, 2017

WATCH: 2 Pixie Cuts, 3 Techniques

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The Connection Center at #thebtcshow 2017 was LIT and we loved hanging out with the Hattori Hanzo Shears barbers as they demoed two pixie cuts for attendees. Not only can you watch the full video below, but we snagged the three hottest techniques from Trevor Moots (@tailorfade) and Roy Jay White (@thehillbillybarber). Watch and learn!


Two-Comb Technique (1:43)
Instead of using #2 clippers, stack two combs on top of one another—they will add up to a 1/2-inch! Then, just stack them against the scalp and blend upward using the larger, stacked combs.


Roy’s “Chop Suey” Technique (9:37)
To add deep texture to your pixie, take your Hattori Hanzo texturizing shears (try The T1 Mamba Texturizer or The Hanashi Aru!) and flip them upside down, so you’re able to relieve your shoulders and have a full range of motion around the head. Take your left hand and feel for weight. Then, quickly pull the hair upward, texturize and pull out. This creates seven visible layers of texture without removing too much hair. 


Scissor-Over-Comb Texturizing Technique (13:52)
Place your index finger on top of the shears, tuck your hand and work your thumb to open and close them. Moving scissor-over-comb, open and close the shears as you move upward to break up the texture for a more piecey look.


Watch the full video below!


Check out the finished looks!


Hair by Trevor Moots 


Hair by Roy Jay White