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October 30, 2017

Upcoming Trends and Techniques from the JCP Salon & The Salon By InStyle



The JCP Salon/The Salon By InStyle is about creating looks for every woman—and when we were on location for their Spring/Summer 2018 trend shoot, we caught the upcoming styles and techniques from Creative Directors Michelle O’Connor and Dilek Onur-Taylor. Check them out below, and get a look behind the scenes in the slideshow above!


The Upcoming Trends: Major Versatility
Major versatility—think big texture, knotted and braided updos, smooth volume and pops of unsuspected color. For Michelle and Dilek, the looks are about creating something for every type of woman, and that means the styles have to reflect a variety of feelings. “I’m very inspired by the color yellow in both clothing and in hair,” Michelle said as she braided synthetic yellow hair into a textured brunette base. “You know, maybe this much yellow isn’t for everyone, but one woman might see it and decide she wants a smaller piece of it or another fashion color. It’s unsuspected, and the thing that turns a braid or any upstyle up a notch is infusing color into it.”


The Upcoming Techniques: Dry-Cutting & Blow-Drying
Creating versatile looks starts before the styling process begins—it starts with the cut and the blow-dry. For Dilek and Michelle, all the looks for Spring/Summer 2018 were first created with different dry-cutting techniques and blow-drying tactics. Dilek says that there is so much that can be done using these two services, and they both really prep a stylist for creating a great overall end result. (Get a few dry-cutting tips from Dilek!)


The Importance of Offering Client-Appreciated Styles 
When creating looks for the JCP Salon and The Salon By InStyle, Dilek and Michelle consider everything from the clothing seen throughout the store to the type of woman coming through the door all while attempting to push the boundaries for each and every style. “Our customer is a working professional who is typically mindful of her money,” says Dilek. Which is why the duo works to bring different textures, style variations and visual interest patterns to every look they create. The goal is to always relate and inspire. 

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