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Last updated: November 15, 2017

Two Techniques You HAVE To Try

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A textured, cool-girl lob and a perfect halo braid: These are the two looks your clients will be begging for now and into next season. Luckily, we’ve got the how-tos for both from ColorProof Evolved Color Care! These classic-meets-trendy looks are just a a taste of ColorProof’s 2016 Haircut and Style Collection, and the brand’s Style Sessions will show you how give these fresh takes on tried-and-true styles to your clients.


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Blended Bob



This is THE haircut your clients are seeing on their Instagram and on their favorite celebs. It’s a fresh take on the classic bob, full of texture and totally cool.   


Cutting How-To
1. Prep with PureRelease Instant Detangle.



2. Divide the front from the back and left from right. Subdivide the back in half horizontally and establish your perimeter by point-cutting to desired length. Drop the remaining back and connect. Divide the side profiles in half horizontally. Direct the hair behind the shoulder and connect to the perimeter.



3. Blow-dry the hair with a paddle brush and CrazySmooth Extreme Shine Treatment Oil.



4. Divide the back horizontally into four sections. Starting in the nape, take vertical subsections and elevate to 90 degrees with a 45-degree finger angle (toward the head), removing the corner with blending shears to leave a very shattered and soft edge. Repeat on the remaining sections, moving up the head.



5. Section the side profiles horizontally in half and repeat the movements, slightly overdirecting back.



6. Separate the left from the right at the desired part. Take a narrow triangle from the high point to ½-inch on either side of the part. Determine the desired length in front and, holding the section straight out at 90 degrees with a 45-degree finger angle, cut with blending shears.



7. Create another triangle off the previous parting at the hairline to the back corner. Elevate the section straight up, parallel to the parting. Adjust the finger angle to connect from the fringe to the length in the back and cut with blending shears. Repeat on the opposite side.



Styling How-To: Deep Waves
1. Apply LiftIt Color Protect Foam Mousse to the root area of the top and crown sections of the head, then apply ControlCraze Styling Crème fused with a very small amount of PowerSculpt Hard Hold Gel throughout the hair, focusing on midlengths and ends.


2. Blow-dry using a vent brush until 90 percent dry, then switch to a medium natural bristle round brush to polish and complete the blow-dry.


3. Starting in the nape section using a 1-inch curling iron or wand, curl vertically in the same direction all the way up the head to the top side part. Spray with WickedGood Weightless Shine Spray and AllAround Color Protect Working Hairspray and allow curls to cool.


4. Once cool, brush the curls out using a smoothing brush to form a deep S-wave pattern. For extra polish, use a small amount of CraftingPomade Texture + Hold + Shine to define your finished waves. Lastly, mist all over with HumidityRx Anti-Frizz WeatherProof Spray.


Styling How-To: Tousled Texture
1. Apply a fusion of HeatProof Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Crème and a few shakes of PowderFix Texturizing Powder throughout damp hair. Blow-dry using a vent brush, pulling the hair up and away from the scalp to encourage volume.


2. Choose your preferred styling method:

To style with a blow dryer: When the hair is 90 percent dry, use a vented round brush one size smaller than you would normally use for this hair length and blow-dry in small sections, twisting the hair and hitting the twist with the heat, then sliding each section off the brush and leave to cool.


To style with a flat iron: Apply WickedGood Weightless Shine Spray throughout dry hair. Place a section of hair into the iron, turn 180 degrees and slide the iron down the hair, focusing the curl on the middle of the section and leaving the ends straight. For a tighter curl, move the iron slower down the section.


To style with a curling wand: Using UltraMarathon Strong Hold Color Protect Hairspray, spiral wrap sections of hair in alternating directions, making sure to leave the ends out to encourage that lived-in look.

3. Complete any of the styling methods by adding texture and fullness with TextureCharge Color Protect Texture + Finishing Spray and RuleBreaker Firm Flexible Wax to detail your style.



Half-Up Halo Braid



This is the perfect braid you can use on all your clients, no matter what their hair length. Watch the how-to!