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Last updated: April 07, 2022

Toning Tips From Larisa Love (Plus Her 10 Fave Toner Formulas)

Get Larisa Love’s Favorite Toners For Bright Blondes & More!

Hit a toning block and need some serious color inspo for summer? We’ve got you covered! Joico Brand Ambassador Larisa Love’s (@larisadoll) demoed her top 10 favorite toning formulas to keep blondes bright, ashy, warm and everything in between, plus a few extras.


Keep scrolling to grab the formulas and her toning tips to keep clients in your chair. And, don’t forget to watch the video above for her full formulation breakdown!


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Always Have A Thorough Consultation

Before Larisa starts any color service, she makes sure she has a thorough consultation with her client on the look they want and the maintenance behind it. She emphasizes that it’s important to know your client’s lifestyle before giving them a look that might be too much for them to maintain or afford.


Use More Than One Toner

Larisa advises to never use just ONE toner formula on your clients, because you want them coming back for the custom color only you can provide. Plus, your clients will feel special because you took the time to make personalized formulas that fit their face shape and skin tone, which helps to ensure client loyalty.


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Apply Toner At The Bowl

Has one of your clients ever freaked out when they saw their hair pre-toner? Larisa can relate, so she almost always applies her toners at the bowl to avoid any awkwardness. It’s also more comfortable for the client so they’re not going back and forth from the chair to the bowl. 


Note: Larisa applies toner using a bowl and brush instead of a bottle applicator. You can use the Joico LumiShine™ Demi-Permanent Liquid Color in a bottle, but the Joico Blonde Life Quick Tone Liqui-Crème Toner is too thick in consistency.


Schedule Touch Ups In Between 

A great way to get your clients back in your chair before their next full color is to have them come in for a gloss and a haircut. Larisa recommends her clients return for a gloss every 2½ to 3 months. She schedules these appointments in the evenings because they’re quick to do, and leaves her major color services for mornings where they can take up to 8 hours.


Joico Brand Ambassador Larisa Love


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