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Last updated: December 17, 2020

Timesaving Haircolor Technique: Organic Twists

Save Time With @sonyadove’s Organic Twist Technique

Take a break from precise, clean sectioning and say hello to Ulta Beauty Pro Team Member Sonya Dove’s (@sonyadove) timesaving technique for painting dimensional blends: Organic twists. It involves randomly grabbing sections of hair, alternating between three formulas and twisting each section to let process. Watch the above video to see her demo the entire technique, then keep scrolling to get a quick break down of the technique plus key tips to know!


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1. Sonya’s Organic Twisting Technique

Sonya shared how this technique works using three different red tones: A dark blue red, a medium red red and a light orange red. Here’s what she did:


  1. Apply the dark blue red formula as a shadow root throughout. Then, gather all the hair back so it’s away from the client’s face.
  2. Grab a random section, apply the lightest red shade from where the root shadow ends to the ends and twist.
  3. Grab another random section, apply the medium red shade and twist.
  4. Grab another random section, apply the dark red shade and twist, then use a towel to wipe your hands clean.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 to 4 until the entire head is set in twists.


Note: Sonya says your sections have to be irregular in order for this technique to work. Clean sections will result in the final blend looking stripy!


Peep the finished look below & tap the beaker to get the formulas!

Sonya Dove @sonyadove Ulta Beauty Facebook Live Formulating Reds Dimensional Dimension Organic Twist Technique Timesaving
open color formula
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  • Formula A (roots + darkest red):

    Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect 40g 66/46 + 10g 0/65 + 50g 20-volume developer

  • Formula B (medium red):

    Koleston Perfect 40g 77/44 + 10g 0/44 + 50g 30-volume developer

  • Formula C (lightest red):

    Koleston Perfect 40g 8-34 + 10g 0/43 + 50g 40-volume developer


2. A Simple Way To Save Major Time

Sometimes it’s the little things that add up to save major time, and for Sonya’s organic twist technique, that little thing is the order you apply the formulas. You should always apply lightest to darkest and only wipe your hands clean after the darkest shade is applied. If you apply darkest to lightest, Sonya says you’ll have to wipe your hands after every section, which will just require more time.


3. How To Adjust The Formulas For Blondes, Brunettes & Other Red Blends

Do you have a client whose skin tone would be better complimented by an all copper red blend? Or maybe your clientele is mainly blondes and brunettes? Good news: These formulas can easily be adjusted for other shades of red as well as for blondes and brunettes! Here are the levels Sonya recommends for each one:


  • For an all blue red blend, use a Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6.
  • For an all copper red blend, use a Level 6, Level 7 and Level 8.
  • For a dimensional blonde blend, use a Level 7, Level 8 and Level 9.
  • For a dimensional brunette blend, use a Level 4, Level 6 and Level 7/8.


Check out the before & after!

close formula

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