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Last updated: July 11, 2018

This One Tip Will Increase Your Business Immediately

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This One Tip Will Increase Your Business Immediately

Imagine making $150k or more behind the chair every year. It IS possible, and Van Council has the strategies to make it happen. He shared how you can start making more money immediately by doing one thing—keep reading to find out!


Who is Van Council? He is the owner Van Michael Salons, of one of the world’s most successful salon groups—8 salons total with 400 employees. His are the busiest salons in the United States per square foot. And his stylists make MONEY. We were fortunate to hear Van’s tips at Aveda’s Dare to Dream event, where hairdressers and students learned from some of the industry’s most iconic leaders and rising stars to get inspired and create clear plans to achieve their goals.


Van Michael Salons are successful because they adhere to a performance wheel—check it out below!


While implementing the entire wheel may be daunting for you, here’s the ONE thing you should be doing: reviewing client cards.


Why Are Client Cards Crucial?

To Van, soft skills—aka “people” skills—are more important than technical skills. “You can be busy with only soft skills, but you won’t be busy with only technical skills,” he shared. How do you up your soft skill game? One easy way is client cards!


Van Council


Here’s what you do:

1. For every client, get an index card and write down not only the technical details of the service you performed, but also some facts about her—how old her kids are, the names of her pets, where she vacations, what her spouse does.  

2. Before appointments, review the client’s corresponding card.

3. Impress the client with your wonderful memory, which makes her think that she is your favorite client.

4. Watch the referrals and pre-bookings roll in.



Client Cards Will Make You More Money

Brandon Darragh, a hairdresser whom Van mentors that is now making $250k a year (!!!) is a client card advocate. He gets to the salon 30 minutes early to review the cards for every client on his books that day. “Focus on the person in front of you—that is the only person in the world when you are doing their hair,” he said. “You have to love the person in front of you!”


Brandon Darragh


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