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Last updated: June 29, 2023

The No.1 Reason Your Red is Fading…

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Reds and Coppers Fading Fast? Try This Add-On Treatment

Reds are having a major moment—but you know this already because your clients are coming in requesting reds in every shade. So what do you do if clients are complaining about their fresh color fading fast, we tapped some BTC Team Members to help! 


Keep scrolling for must-know tips on how to choose the right red shade, establishing a touch-up schedule and the must-have product for at-home color maintenance. 


Keep Color Vibrant AND Healthy! Find Out How! 


First: Find the right red for your client’s skin tone

Finding the right shade can be tricky! “Just like blondes, red hair also has warm and cool undertones,” explains BTC Team Member Kristen O’Donnell (@kristen_o_beauty). “So looking at the client’s skin undertones and eye color can also help determine which shade of red works best for that client,” she adds.


Check out her cheat sheet for choosing a complementary shade for your client:

Strawberry & Copper Tones: Lighter skin tones

Darker Red & Auburn Tones: Deeper skin tones


Keep color vibrant with a consistent maintenance schedule 

Here’s a bit of science: Red hair molecules are larger than other shades. Meaning, red hair color tends to fade faster than others. “I recommend my red clients come in every four to six weeks for a root touchup and toner appointment,” Kristen explains. 


“Healthy hair is also key to color longevity. So I always add on a treatment to retouch appointments,” Kristen explains. Photo Credit: Instagram via @kristen_o_beauty


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Boost color longevity with this add-on service

Doing an in-salon treatment after a color service will not only keep the client’s hair healthy but also the right treatment can preserve color longevity. 


That’s why BTC Team Member Ashley Smith (@paintedbyashleymarie) uses the FIBRE CLINIX® Vibrancy line from Schwarzkopf Professional®. “It has 90 percent color retention, so I know I’m doing everything I can to keep their hair vibrant after they leave my chair,” she explains. 


Click and hit play for a full copper tutorial from Ashley, including formulas and her go-to add on treatment!

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Establish an at-home hair regime for healthy, vibrant hair

There are some cardinal rules for at-home haircare every client should know: 


Rule #1: Avoid cleansing every day. Excessive shampoo and using hot water can open the hair cuticle, allowing the red hair molecule to release quickly. So educate your clients about a cleanse schedule that not only works for their lifestyle but also doesn’t strip their fresh color. 


Rule #2: Use a low temperature when heat styling. Much like hot water, high temperatures when heat styling can also cause hair color to fade fast. Ask your client their go-to style and teach them the proper settings for heat styling. 


BONUS: Send clients home with this product to avoid an uneven fade.

Educating a client on the right products to use at home not only boosts your ticket with retail, but also helps avoid any mishaps later! “I love sending my red clients home with the FIBRE CLINIX® Vibrancy line—especially the Vibrancy Treatment. It really helps keep color even and avoids any spotty fading,” Kristen explains. 


Pro Tip: For hair that needs a bit more TLC, Kristen recommends the FIBRE CLINIX® Fortify line to heal any existing damage.


Share this video with clients for a full at-home haircare regime!

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