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Last updated: June 13, 2018

How To Take Instagram Photos That Will Fill Your Books

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What if we told you about a huge profit-booster that’s simple, free and doesn’t take much time? Here it is: photograph your gorgeous work and post it on Instagram! @prettylittleombre (winner of the #ONESHOT Hair Paint Shot of the Year) knows a thing or two about getting the perfect shot, and how it can help grow your business. Here’s what she has to say.



Make it an experience

  • After creating a gorgeous color, cut or style, pump your clients up on their new look. Say something like, “Your hair looks amazing! Would you mind if I snapped a few photos? I promise we won’t show any face—just hair!”
  • Remember that most guests will not want to have their faces posted all over Instagram, so always respect that.
  • After getting the shots, show them the pictures and how perfect their new hair looks.
  • Usually they’ll respond, “Oh my gosh, that’s my hair? Can you send that photo to me?”
  • This creates a new, fun and exciting experience for every guest in your chair—it makes them feel special, increases their chance of booking another appointment, and, they’ll probably tell all their friends!


Use natural lighting

  • @prettylittleombre likes to take pictures with indirect light—but there are tons of options for every stylist when it comes to lighting. Use natural light, find a good spot in the salon or buy a ring/selfie light.
  • Don’t ever take the picture at the chair—typically, this lighting is harsher and doesn’t always reflect the exact color of the hair.
  • Don’t have a white wall to take pictures? That’s OK! Buy a backdrop or scope out a perfect place to get indirect lighting—even if it’s outside or down the hall.
  • Then, once you find the perfect spot for photos, always take your pics in the same place to keep them clean, branded and recognizable.


Take lots of photos

  • The more photos you take, the better off you’ll be. Take 20, take 50, take different angles—according to @prettylittleombre, you can never really have enough.
  • Remember that having more photos—and different angles of each color—will come in handy when you need content on a rainy day or while traveling.


Don’t make excuses

  • Make time for taking photos. If you are trying to bring in more clients, this should be a priority.
  • Use hashtags and tags appropriately—for more details, read this article on Instagram for beginners!
  • @prettylittleombre adds, “From salon owner to salon owner, please allow time for your staff to take photos. Add 15 minutes to the appointment time! The strength of social media will bring in more clientele to your salon than anything else.”