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Last updated: October 11, 2017

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Tones

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The closer we get to summer, the more sunshine we see—and not just in the sky! Sunny shades of platinum blonde begin popping up everywhere, as people shed their dark, winter tones for something more fun. However, sometimes the new color is left looking too brassy, too warm or too yellow after that bleaching and highlighting. Therefore Keratage® designed a new treatment for removing those tones from newly colored silver, blonde, bleached or highlighted hair. 


Say goodbye to those unwanted tones for good in less than 15 minutes, and give your newly treated hair the nourishment it not only needs, but deserves! Here’s how, using the Keratage® Illuminating Treatment:  


1. Wash the hair with Keratage® Fortifying Shampoo and towel-dry. No need to use conditioner—if there are tangles, spray on a light foundation of Instant Softness & Detangling Spray.


2. Mist Illuminating Treatment Mist all over, from about 3-4 inches from the hair. Comb throughout to ensure an even distribution and then let sit for 10 minutes. Once again, rinse and towel dry.


3. Combine 50 ml Silver & Blonde Treatment Mask with the full packet of #2 Illuminating Cocktail. Apply evenly throughout the hair, combing from roots to ends. Rinse out once you are comfortable with the results.


4. Finish off with a blow-dry.



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