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Last updated: March 06, 2018

Purple-Lights How-To

When her client came in with long, grown out ombré and was looking for a perfectly purple makeover, Katlin Starks, Master Designer for Regis Salon in Albuquerque, New Mexico, prescribed the perfect solution: violet balayage ombré! Here’s how she did it.


Katlin began by taking four inches of length off the client’s hair, cleaning up her pre-existing layers and texturizing.


Formula A/balayage/ombre: Matrix V-Light + 3 oz. lightener + 3 oz. 30-volume developer + ¼ Olaplex

Formula B/front: 3 oz. lightener + 40-volume developer + ¼ oz. Olaplex

Formula C/purple: 1 tube Pravana VIVIDS  Violet + 1 tube Pravana VIVIDS Clear + 2 oz.
Pravana Pastels Blissful Blue


1. Use Formula A to apply balayage and ombre techniques.

2. Use Formula B to apply balayage and ombre techniques to the front sections of hair.

3. Let process and lift to a level 8.

4. Weave and foil highlights throughout application for dimension. Lift to a level 10.

5. Shampoo, condition and dry the hair.

6. Apply Formula C, saturating fully from roots to ends.

7. Apply a clear cap and process under a dryer for 30 minutes.

8. Rinse in cold water to prevent fading, apply Olaplex Bond Multiplier 2 and let it sit for 5 minutes.

 Rinse in cold water, shampoo, dry and style.

For her client, Katlin added a full tube of Pravana Vivids Violet and 2 oz. of Pravana Pastels Blissful Blue into a liter sized bottle of Regis Designline Enchanted color care shampoo, which her client was purchasing. Katlin charged an additional $10 for each tube of color she added and her client could tone her hair as she washed—perfect for maintaining her color’s vibrancy.