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Last updated: November 12, 2021

Pro Blonding Techniques: Earn $1,000 Extra Per Week

Three Money-Making Techniques You’ll Want To Start Using On Your Next Client

When it comes to blonde clients, it feels rare that our loyal ones ever want to try something new. This can make it difficult to find ways to make more money when there isn’t much room for additional services! Luckily, Joico Brand Storyteller Olivia Smalley (@omgartistry) shares her money-making hacks to increase your blonding services profit in just one appointment.


“We’re not trying to work more, we’re trying to earn more,” says Olivia. Find her in-depth demos above and keep reading for easy tips to sell add-ons, make the most of your product and offer services that take just 10 minutes. Level up your blonding business and earn that extra cash—see what techniques you can try on your next client below.


1. Use This Pre-Treatment As An Add-On

Olivia offers Joico Defy Damage ProSeries 1 as a pre-treatment before any color service. “I tell my clients I have a quick pre-treatment that in just a few sprays can protect their hair before, during and after coloring,” Olivia explains. “Using Defy Damage can lessen breakage up to 80% and often times, it actually speeds up processing time which my clients also love.”


Use Defy Damage Treatment Before:

  • Toning services
  • Lightening services
  • Color melts
  • Color touch-ups 


How To Charge:

“Charge what you would for a toner,” Olivia explains. “If I charge $50 and get five clients a day four days a week to add-on Defy Damage Treatment—that is an additional $1,000 a week just from this add-on!” 


Pro Tip: When applying the pre-treatment to the hairline, spray product onto a color brush and paint it onto the hairline for an even application. 


2. Avoid Throwing Away Lightener 

Small batch lightener, as Olivia calls it, is a foolproof way to mix perfect consistency and not waste product. Prep two color bowls with just half a scoop of Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder and only mix in developer when (and if) you’re ready to use each bowl. 


If you ever notice your bowl of lightener changes consistency and become spongey or fluffy—it has too much oxygen! Mixing in small batches prevents lightener from absorbing too much oxygen that will  alter the consistency and level of lift.  


Pro Tip: Olivia says folding developer into lightening power instead of whipping to mix it is an easy trick to prevent too much oxygen absorption. 


3. Cover Grays In Just 10 Minutes 

Planning when to work gray coverage into blonding services can be such a pain. Two separate processes can hold your client in the salon for hours, but combining them has you racing the clock to not over process. Luckily—we’ve found the best of both worlds!


Olivia uses Joico LUMI10™ for her root touch-up in-between foils just 10 minutes before they’re ready to be rinsed. The 10 minute processing time is the perfect hack to ensure 100% gray coverage without leaving lightener on too long waiting for color to develop. That’s right—no more nightmares in the shampoo bowl. 


Want to try LUMI10™ in your salon? Get a FREE sample kit here!


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