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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Master Your Color Game With These 6 Tips From The PRAVANA COLLECTIVE

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Up Your Color Game With These 6 Tips From The PRAVANA COLLECTIVE

The live transformations by the PRAVANA COLLECTIVE on THE BTC SHOW stage in San Antonio were jaw-dropping and gorgeous, serving serious inspiration to get creative behind the chair. But as always, it’s mastering the basics to get even the most avant-garde end results, so check out these six tips from COLLECTIVE artists @taylorraehair, @kayla_boyer, @rossmichaelssalon, @nealmhair, @chitabesau and @presleypoe!



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1. Filling Blonde Hair To Maintain A Cool Result

Replenishing pigment is vital to moving from light to dark—it’s color theory 101 to replace warm tones lost in the lightening process. But what if you want to achieve a neutral to cool result? Here’s a tip from Taylor—fill with ChromaSilk 6.37. This shade is about 70 percent gold—to fill the underlying pigment—and 30 percent violet—to cool off the replenished result. Overlay 3 parts ChromaSilk 5.11 + 1 part ChromaSilk 4N + Zero Lift Developer for a neutral-cool brunette that doesn’t look drab or muddy.



2. Smoke Out Purples Without VIVIDS

It’s obvious from Kayla’s Instagram that she loves VIVIDS, but she didn’t use VIVIDS for this smoky purple shade! Her secret is ChromaSilk 4.20, a cool beige violet, mixed with ChromaSilk 10.1, an extra light ash blonde. ChromaSilk ash shades have a cool green base, which smokes out the color.



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3. Create Clean, Soft Pastels

Melody and Michael Lowenstein are the dynamic duo of pastel behind @rossmichaelssalon (they took home a #ONESHOT in the category last year), so listen up to this tip. For a clean, clear, “Level 11” blonde base for pastels, tone with ChromaSilk Express Toners in this formulation: 10g Pearl + 10g Violet + 80g Clear. YES, 80 grams of Clear. “Dilution is really big when working with very soft colors,” Michael said. “It’s a progressive toner, so it will continue to deposit, and Clear helps with control.” Five minutes later, you’ve got the perfect clear blonde for pastels.



4. Experiment With Placement

Would you believe this is the same wig (above)? Umm, it IS. Neal created a 3-inch perimeter and alternated three metallic formulas around the head, then used VIVIDS within the perimeter. While this version is extreme, think about ways to incorporate similar “surprise” placement on clients in the salon!



5. Achieve The Blondest Base—No Cheating!

There are simply no shortcuts to go from a Level 5 to a Level 10. Chita breaks down her tried-and-true technique for achieving an ultra blonde base this way: Working in quadrants, foil the hair with Pure Light Power Lightener + 20-volume in fine sections. Don’t fold the foils (or you could end up with a crease). Seems simple, but it’s the basics that can trip you up—so don’t try to cheat platinum blonde!



6. Get The Best Finished Shot

#ONESHOT winner Presley knows a little something about taking the perfect shot, so take these quick photo tips and run with them:

  • Have your client take a selfie first—that way you see what angle she feels most comfortable with, and you can recreate it.
  • For front-facing shots, use the diffuser on your ring light. For shots where you’re seeking a strong shine line, take the diffuser off.
  • With profile shots, the hair often separates over the shoulder. Avoid this by tilting the client’s head towards the camera—the hair will cascade over the shoulder, close that gap and look longer.


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