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Last updated: March 19, 2021

Make More Money With This Color Treatment!

Increase Color Longevity & Make More Money With This Add-On Service

Add-on services help increase the bottom line, so it’s important that you introduce your clients to treatments they can’t go without! Pureology and BTC Team Member Adina Pignatare (@adina_pignatare) demonstrated how one post-color treatment can extend your client’s color and help increase your ticket. Keep scrolling to get Adina’s tips and check out the before and after!


Make sure to watch the video above for the full tutorial!


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Look At The Gorgeous Shine!


This Treatment Will Extend Color Longevity

Don’t let your clients leave the salon without this add-on! Applying Pureology Color Fanatic Color Sealer to the hair after a color service helps extend the life of your client’s haircolor. The treatment seals the cuticle and rebalances the hair’s pH level for shine and vibrancy. Simply apply Color Sealer after shampooing, let sit for five minutes and rinse to lock in haircolor.


The treatment also works great in increasing the longevity of vivid haircolor, and can even help your curly clients retain moisture. Adina recommends using the treatment with or without a color service on curls to improve moisture retention.


Here’s How You Make More Money

Wondering how this treatment will help you increase your profit? One bottle of Color Sealer has 26 applications, since only one ounce is needed per head. So if you charged around $10 to $15 for the add-on treatment, you can make an extra $260 to $390 per bottle. 


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