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Last updated: October 10, 2017

Is the End of Gray Hair Near?

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Here at BTC, we love gray. Because we know gray hair means business, repeat clients and big bucks! But could gray coverage soon become a thing of the past? According to researchers at University College London, it’s a definite possibility.


This week, researchers published a study identifying the gene responsible for gray hair, and they say it’s not unlikely that the gene could be switched off.


“Preventing gray hair is a possibility and even reversing gray hair might not be impossible,” shares Dr. Kaustubh Adhikari, the lead author of the study. “Once we know more about the pigmentation process and all the genes involved, it should be easy to find a protein or enzyme to up-regulate or down-regulate the activity.”


The discovery was the result of analyzing more than 6,000 DNA samples collected in Latin America to locate the genes that determine haircolor, texture, density and other characteristics. Scientists had already known that the gene, IRF4, which regulates melanin in the human body, played a crucial role in haircolor, but for the first time they were also able to link it to going gray.


Though scientists are optimistic about developing a therapy to delay or prevent the graying process, they say this could still take years of research.


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