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Last updated: December 04, 2017

How-To: Nutmeg Bob

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Transformation goals! From ultra-long and faded to a rich and deep red, Erin Wheaton (@erinwheaton), a Paul Mitchell National Educator and artistic director at Blu Skies Salon in Springfield, Mo., gave her client just what she needed. “My guest wanted to totally change up her style, and I couldn’t have been more excited to help her with that!” Erin says. “Through our consultation I discovered she was ready to part with some length and transform into a fiery redhead!” Check out the formula and how-to—plus a little surprise at the guest’s nape.


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Paul Mitchell Color Formulas
Formula A: ½ oz. the color 4R + ½ oz. the color 3VR + 1 oz. 10-volume the color Clear Developer


Formula B: ½ oz. the color 5RO + ½ oz. the color 7OR + 1 oz. 10-volume the color Clear Developer


1. Apply Formula A to the base. “We decided to keep it dark to give her a higher contrast against her midshafts and ends, as well as to keep the maintenance low,” Erin says.


2. Apply Formula B at varying lengths and section sizes to the midshafts and ends to keep it natural, melted and seamless.


Cut Details
“For her cut, I gave her a clipper nape undercut to add a little edge to the graduated, textured bob,” Erin says. “We achieved a look that is ultra-versatile and low-maintenance.”


“The color was $100 since there was no prelightening/prep work involved, just deposit only,” shares Erin. “And $40 for her cut.”