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Last updated: June 08, 2017

How-To: Lived-In Bob

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This is anything but a basic bob! The razor cut technique makes it super edgy and lived-in. It’s piecey, tousled and cool, and we have the how-to!


1. Apply Sebastian Professional Dark Oil to damp hair.


2. Create a horseshoe section at the crown, then create a square section at the back of the head below the horseshoe section, from the occipital to the back of the ears.


3. Starting at the nape, use a razor and create the perimeter to stroke downward with zero elevation. Sebastian calls this technique “skimming.”


4. Continue around the head in the same method, following the jawline.


5. Continue releasing sections and follow your guideline at zero elevation.


6. Release the front section from recession to recession and create a fringe just above the nose. Blend into the guideline.


7. Rough-dry the hair, then point-cut into the perimeter to create a piecey effect.


8. Slide-cut sections around the face to remove weight and continue point-cutting around the nape.


9. Lift the crown section at 180 degrees and point-cut.


10. Take a vertical traveling guideline at 90 degrees and point-cut. Finish by point-cutting the fringe.


11. Emulsify Microweb Fiber in your hands and work the product into the hair to define movement.


Watch the whole process!