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Last updated: October 05, 2020

How To Foil Highlights 3 Ways

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Here Are 3 Different Methods For Foil Highlights

Highlights are the blonding technique for adding a pop of dimension in the face-frame, but just like most haircolor applications, it can be customized to achieve different results. Do you want your highlights to provide a lot more coverage or is the end goal something more subtle? Below, we’re breaking down a genius post from Guy Tang (@guy_tang) that explains three different ways to foil highlights—check it out!


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1. The Slice Method

If you want maximum coverage then slicing is the way to go. Depending on the direction of the foils—whether they’re vertical, horizontal or diagonal—slicing can provide movement and direction. This technique also creates strong defining stripes and helps outline the shape of a haircut.


2. The Skip Slice Method

Skip slicing is a technique that will give you separation and isolated texture while still offering strong definition with your highlights. You’ll be able to see the highlights without tracing the lines and placement, giving you the best of both worlds—dimension without the stripes. 


3. The Babylights Micro-Weave Method

Babylights are great for creating a soft shimmer and subtle dimension while providing a natural separation throughout the hair. But know that placement and diagnosing the porosity of her strands is super important. “Formulate accordingly and with these techniques combined you will create beautiful color,” advises Guy in the caption.



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