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May 22, 2020

How To Edit Your Photos Like A Pro

4 Facetune Tips For A Flawless Photo

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Learn How To Edit Your Photos Like A Pro With These 4 Tips

Putting the finishing touches on a photo can seriously take your Instagram photography game to the next level. But be careful! With user-friendly editing apps on the rise, it can be easy to overdo it. That’s why we rounded up four key tips for you to follow when it comes to touch-ups. For a FULL FACETUNE TUTORIAL and more photography tips, click here!



1.  DON’T touch the hair!

Editing a hair photo should only focus on editing elements that distract from the hair, not the hair itself. Imperfections on a backdrop, skin and clothing should be the key focuses of editing. We talked to our own Visual Editor and photographer Megan Schipani (@shmeggsandbaconn) about her process. “I spend the extra time it takes, whether it’s five minutes or 30 minutes, to perfect the shot in person. That way when it comes time to edit, the process is minimal. Flyaways, a dirty cape, a coffee cup in the background—those are all things that seem small but can be time consuming and tricky to edit.”


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T H E P E R F E C T S H O T | while there may not be such a thing, there is always that shot in a herd of a thousand that makes your heart flutter. Something about it that makes you feel something you can't explain, but you know it's the one. Everything about it comes together to create an overall harmony that evokes a mood. The lighting, the model's expression, the balance. It is all important. People ask me all the time about how I get that shot. And the truth is, I stand there for as long as it takes until the hair in front of me matches the hair on the camera monitor. I've never been a fan of photoshop to "fix" things that could have been taken care of simply by a little more effort and attention to detail. I always say to spend that extra time you need to get that hair exactly how you want it and you will spend less time trying to figure out how to fix a photo later. Remember that these photos are also memories. And the only real proof of the amazing art that you create. Capture them in the best light possible. Don't do yourself a disservice by being lazy. Even if after hours of coloring and cutting you might feel drained, it's the last hour that counts the most. People often tell me they can tell if a photo is mine right away. That is incredibly rewarding to hear and I know that that "look" comes from that last hour. Take a step back. Go to the back room and breathe for a minute. Step outside and take a moment. And when you go back, remember that its the finishing touches that set you apart. Those are the things that make you YOU. ❤️

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2.  Try the Patch tool instead of the Smooth tool for skin.

Editing skin can be a tedious process. Facetune has a Smooth tool that gives the skin a super soft glow but it can sometimes take away the texture of the skin, leaving it looking over edited and unnatural. The Patch tool allows you to remove imperfections while still maintaining texture. Try this first and then if still needed, use Smooth sparingly. 


3.  Reserve filters for selfies and editorial shots.

Applying filters to photos can be fun for a personal selfie, to create the mood in an editorial shot or to convert your photo to black and white. But stay away from filters when the focus of your photo is haircolor. Filters will change the appearance of the color, misleading your audience and potential clients from its true tone.


4.  Less is more.

It’s good to experiment with all of the different possibilities and develop your own personal editing style. Just remember: Less is more. Facetune has an Erase tool that lets you dial back or eliminate the effect of a tool in seconds. Play around and have fun, but let the hair speak for itself!


Press play below to watch a quick intro to Facetune video!

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