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Last updated: February 27, 2018

How-To: Double-Comb A-Line Bob

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Sometimes you need to see a new technique to remind yourself that you aren’t just cutting hair—you’re creating art! We have just the thing. This innovative technique from ColorProof Color Care Authority Creative Director Phillip Wilson is AMAZING, and the video is completely packed with super useful tips. Watch as he creates a perfect A-line, graduated bob, which, according to Phillip, “is the foundation to a great deal of success and building a clientele.”


Phillip gives you the step-by-step, but he also includes some gems that only come from decades in the industry (he started in the ’60s and studied Vidal Sassoon’s every move!). “What we can do in 45 minutes or an hour as creative artists, therapists can’t do in a lifetime,” Phillip says. “We can actually change a person.”


In BTC’s exclusive video, Phillip shows us:

  • The best products to use as cutting lotions (Phillip says to never use water!)
  • When to switch from wet to dry cutting
  • A REALLY cool, moneymaking trick to perfect the front of the cut
  • An awesome technique that uses two combs to give you the perfect graduation


Check it out!



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