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Last updated: October 17, 2017

How-To: Dipped Cherry A-Line Bob

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A sleek, fiery red bob with a (secret) panel of deep mercury in the nape? SO Louboutin. Not to mention a perfect color to kick off the new year. Ready for the breakdown? This color comes to use courtesy of Stephanie Hodges (@stephhstyles), a stylist at Cleo Hair Salon in Oak Park, Calif.

“This was one of my favorite transformations last year,” Stephanie says. “The red on the left was incredible, but it was slightly compromising. When we decided to cut it off, I changed the formula to Pulp Riot and b3 [Brazilian Bond Builder] Demi, and now her hair is so healthy and happy.” Here’s Stephanie’s formula for red success.


Color Formulas
Formula A
: Redken Chromatics Ultra Rich Permanent Hair Color 1NN + equal parts 20-volume developer

Formula B: approx. ½ tube Pulp Riot Hair Fireball


1. Section hair into four quadrants. Apply Formula A to new growth, approximately 2 inches out from the scalp at a slight 45-degree angle to give the root a smudge look.

2. Section out a triangle from the top of the occipital to the nape, and continue to apply Formula A to the midshaft and ends in this section.

3. Take diagonal subsections on both sides of the head from the temporal bone to the top of the ears, and carry Formula A into the midlengths and ends of the hair in this section.

4. Apply Formula B to the midshaft and ends.

5. Process for 35 minutes, rinse out Formula A until the water runs clear—making sure it doesn’t come in contact with Formula B—then rinse out Formula B.

6. Shampoo using Pureology Hydrate Shampoo, focusing on the base (Formula B should only be rinsed, not shampooed). Then apply Pureology Hydrate Conditioner.

7. Finish with a b3 Brazilian Bond Builder Demi Permanent Conditioning Treatment.

8. Stephanie then gave her client a blunt, A-line bob, creating a triangular shape using graduation.

Total process time: about 2 hours

Pricing: $250 for creative color and precision cut