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Last updated: July 06, 2017

How-To: Blunt Lob + Blonde Balayage

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There’s nothing like a good back to school makeover, especially when said makeover includes a trendy, blunt lob, a rooty blonde balayage and a killer, face-framing “money piece.” Kelli Mason (@kelliannmason), owner of LUX the Salon in Midland, Mich. and Surface Hair Culture Artist, created this hand-painted, low-maintenance look for her client who is going off to college. “Keeping a super shattered perimeter line allows the cut to grow out in a diffused, long-lasting way,” shares Kelli. “The color is simple and pops in all the right places…no need to tone this time! We wanted a bright, natural blonde, and that is what we got!” Here’s Kelli’s recipe for stunning, rooty balayage and lob perfection.

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Section from the high point of the head to behind the ear.
Note: “According to the Surface cutting system, you can find the high point by laying a comb on the top of the head. Where the comb meets the hair is the high point,” says Kelli.


2. Take 1-inch sections horizontally up the back of the head (use smaller sections if the hair is more dense). Use your shears (Kelli’s favorite are the Surface Razor Blender Shears) to create a blunt, yet diffused perimeter line. Open and close your blenders until the desired length is fully cut all the way through.

Shattered ends created using the Surface Razor Blender Shears.



3. Work with the head as a whole, and use your shears to shatter the line. As you work into the sides of the perimeter, have your guest turn their head to the side to eliminate the shoulder.

Formula A: 15g Surface Hair PURE Lightening Powder + 30g 30-volume Enzyme Cream Activator

1. Section the hair at the high point of the head to behind the ear once more. Take 1-inch horizontal sections, and paint the hairline in gentle, sweeping strokes away from the face using Formula A.

2. Work bottom to top on both sides in 1-inch horizontal sections. Cover with cellophane. Process to desired level.

3. Shampoo and condition using the Surface Hair Bassu line, and apply Surface Trinity Protein Cream. Kelli then used the Surface Titanium Razor with the Silica Guard to “vertically frame” the top layer of hair all around the head. “This removes weight through the midlengths and creates shorter lengths without layering,” she says.


4. Apply Surface Crave Styling Paste throughout the hair, and blow-dry. Kelli then used the Bio Ionic Stylewinder Pro Rotating 1″ Styling Iron to create loose, beachy waves.


5. Detail and add texture with Crave Styling Paste on dry-set curls. Finish the look by misting Surface Curls Finishing Spray all over to add definition, control and anti-humidity protection.


Total process time: 2 hours

Price: $140