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Last updated: July 07, 2017

How Much Time Do You Allot For Haircuts?

Timing is everything, especially behind the chair. A BTC member recently asked our community about booking times—check it out!

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Is it ethical for me as a professional to book more time when not allotted? A lot of stylists I work with book a woman’s haircut to be a half hour to 45 minutes booking (and it’s pretty much on par for how the salon is run) but I prefer an hour to an hour and 15 minutes to conduct a thorough consultation and provide a quality cut. Having their hair done is a big deal to clients and I take pride in quality work over quantity. I have refused to do sloppy work because of time restraints and I won’t risk compromising the service for my clients. But I’m wondering if I don’t eventually speed up and get to the same type of bookings… it will be hard to make money on cuts/styling. Any advice?


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I believe that if you need more time to put out the quality you will be happy with, then you should definitely allow yourself an hour for a haircut. Over time if your speed gets better then you can reassess the situation. Happy clients = happy you, and repeat customers! –@kait_slat


I am a salon owner and stylist and for a haircut and a blow-dry I book an hour! I always want time to consult before and texturize the cut after I blow-dry it. Clients appreciate your patience and undivided attention. I believe in quality over quantity! Don’t forget why you became a stylist, believe in customer service and the artistry in hair first and then the money will follow! –@shantelsck


Clients KNOW when you’re rushing with them and push them in and out of your chair to get in the next client. That is exactly how you start losing them. If you’re more cut than color, focus on it and provide the proper service. You may want to consider raising your haircut prices to offset the loss. –@stylewithsandy




45 to 60 minutes should be plenty of time for quality haircut. Not sure what your experience level is behind the chair but you might have to work up to a faster time. In my experience, clients are more receptive to a quicker haircut versus having to pay more because you want to increase your prices to make more money. Don’t get me wrong, you will eventually increase your prices, but I would start with timing first to allow more services in your day. Hope this helps. –@livelaughlovefamily


I don’t think it’s fair to assume that the stylists who are booking 45-minute appointments aren’t doing quality work. 45 minutes is enough time for 80 percent of clients, and with returning clientele, a lengthy consultation isn’t usually necessary. I say take your time while your clientele is low, and by the time you have fuller books, you should be faster at what you do. It’s all about practice. -@bribotronic


Timing also varies according to clients’ hair! Your clients are paying for a haircut and an experience. Some like to be pampered more than others! Your speed will get better as time goes on. I am able to cut fast and with precision. If you have extra time, use it to update and add an extra service or sell product! Also, pre-book, and do a referral service to get more clients! -@suziqpics




If you spend more time, charge for it. We offer “express services” and “luxury services” and charge accordingly. Just a little explanation to the client when booking is needed, but generally everything runs smoothly. Most clients opt for the longer luxury appointment, but will sometimes go for an express when time is short. Be confident and try something different, you can always change if it’s not working for you and your clients. -@tomjonashair


I give quality haircuts to my women in 45 minutes or less. Even new clients…they say my cuts “last forever” because they grow out so well. As you learn your craft (get some additional education or work with people who will let you observe them), you will be able to make judgment calls about people’s hair because you have experience with similar hair. Rarely do I go longer than 45 minutes, and that includes a flat iron style (to see any flaws in my cut). At the end, time is money…you will lose money. People don’t like to sit that long for anything. –@cravesalon.lori