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Last updated: October 24, 2017

Gray: Two Ways

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Chris Weber of Barbarella Hair Salon in Vancouver, BC has been at the helm of fashion haircolor for years now, so he’s no stranger to the gray haircolor trend. Chris says he gets requests for gray color transformations in his salon every day! “I love the gray trend because of how natural it looks,” Chris adds. And although he makes it look easy, Chris admits gray makeovers can be pretty complex. “It’s not possible for everyone to go gray right away,” he notes. “Sometimes it takes a couple of steps and it ends up being a big color correction.” Being that Chris gets to practice “graying” behind the chair every day, he’s become an expert on the technique. Here, he breaks down two of his most popular gray looks.

Silver/Gray Root Blend



Color Formulas
Formula A: 15g Wella Professionals Color Touch 2/0 + 2g Color Touch /88 + 34g Color Touch 13-volume developer


Formula B: 20g Color Touch 7/89 + 40g Color Touch 13-volume developer


Natural/Starting Level: 9 with 1-inch black regrowth


1. Apply Formula A to roots, pulling through to the midlengths. Ensure that no color touches the ends by using cotton to separate the sections. Process for 20 minutes, then rinse.


2. Apply Formula B to prelightened hair and process for about 25 minutes.


3. Rinse and check to make sure there are no brassy areas. 


4. Apply KEVIN.MURPHY BLONDE.ANGEL Treatment Conditioner and process for 10 minutes.


Melted Silver 



Color Formulas
Formula A:  Wella Professionals BLONDOR Multi-Blonde Bleach + Olaplex + Koleston Perfect 30-volume crème developer


Formula B: 20g Color Touch  7/89 + 5g Color Touch 2/0 + 50g Color Touch 13-volume developer


Formula C: 15g Color Touch 7/89 + 10g Color Touch 8/81 + 2g Color Touch/68 + 54g


Color Touch 13-volume developer


1. Apply Formula A using the backcomb method and lift to a Level 9/10 (about 30 minutes).


2. Apply Formula B to roots, pulling through to midlengths. 


3. Apply Formula C to the ends, blending it into Formula B. Process for 20 minutes.


4. Rinse and finish with Wella Professional Post Color Treatment. Process for 5 minutes.