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Last updated: July 19, 2017

From Blonde To Brunette In Minutes

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Sometimes the rooted look is in, and sometimes your clients want nothing to do with it. So if it’s one truly seamless blend of color she’s after, we know just how you can make it happen and keep it blended between salon appointments. Watch PHYTO Paris Global Artistic Director Anthony Cristiano turn his client from blonde to brunette in minutes!


1. Section the hair, place a towel or cape around your client’s shoulders and start spraying PHYTO Hair Make-up! thoroughly over your client’s entire head.

2. Move around your client’s head to ensure you cover all of her hair. For best application results, apply in short strokes 4 to 6 inches from the hair.



3. Saturate thoroughly, making sure you don’t leave any hollow spots of blonde showing. 


The finished look!

Makeup For Her Hair
Love this look? We thought you would,
 and we’re pretty sure your clients will love how easily they can transform their color or lose their roots in a matter of minutes! Plus, if it’s a seamless blend of color they’re after, using Hair Make-Up! between salon appointments ensures she’ll never see those unwanted roots again. Here are a few tips we grabbed from Anthony when using Hair Make-Up! in the salon and for when your clients take it home.

PHYTO Hair Make-up! comes in four different shades:
Dark Chestnut, Light Chestnut, Dark Blonde and Light Blonde.

Work in Sections
When covering your clients’ roots with Hair Make-Up!, work in sections to make the salon process as quick and as efficient as possible. Then, show her how she can section her hair at home to make the process easier when she’s doing it on her own. Tell her to focus on covering the top roots first, as that’s what most people will see at first glance. Then, suggest sectioning the hair in quadrants to ensure all of the root area gets covered.

Offer It To Your Commitment-Shy Clients
We all have those clients who are scared to change their look, and we all have those clients who want to change their look all the time. Offer this service to your blonde babe who wants to go brunette for a day. Or, suggest a quick color change to your client who keeps talking about coloring her hair but never actually does. Hair Make-Up! is easy to apply, washes out after one shampoo and is a lot less time-consuming than a traditional color application.


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