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Last updated: August 07, 2017

Femme Hair Extensions Celebrates US Launch!

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Femme Hair Extensions has successfully been launched recently by Stacie Rickell, Gina Mijares and Rania Alain, formerly with SHE By So.Cap. USA Hair Extensions. Perfect for length, volume, body, highlights and fun fantasy haircolor applications, Femme Hair Extensions has three regional offices to better service you with education, support and shipments from their Burbank, CA; Miami, FL and the New York City, New Jersey offices.


Help Your Clients Wear Femme Hair. You & They Deserve It! Professional Femme Hair Extension products, are processed and made in Italy, exclusively with 100% human Indian Remy hair. They are subjected to a technically advanced and meticulous procedure. Laboratory conducted assortment allows for the careful preparation and manual selection of the hair. Femme Hair Extensions are selected and separated singularly by haircolor shade, texture and length.  The natural direction of the cuticle is respected, allowing their hair to be of the highest quality attainable. They offer different hair extension techniques including keratin tips, i-tip micro rings, tape in, wefts, clip-in and all the professional accessories necessary for facilitating each technique within your salon. Whether straight, wavy or curly; Femme Hair Extensions do not matte, tangle or shed. While working directly with the Di Biase family of hair extension experts in Italy, they proudly use the highest quality hair offered in markets around the world.



Wefts: The base weave of a Femme weft is a sewn strip of hair that weighs 100 grams. Femme Hair Extensions offers the weft in the full range of natural colors and in straight and wavy textures.


Premium Quality Keratin Tips: The use of keratin for the bonding of Femme Hair Extensions is very popular around the world today as the most efficient method of application. It is considered the most traditional, best known and used system for professional quality salon hair extensions. Femme Keratin Tips come in clear, light brown, blonde, black and brown / brunette, to blend with any client’s natural haircolor.


Haute Haircolor Options: With several dozen popular natural haircolor shades, this system also includes Fantasy Colors in blue, violet, red, yellow, red violet, fuchsia / fuxia, pink, dark red, acid green and new purple.  Femme Hair Extensions also offer 11 different sets of creative two-tone hair.


Warm Fusion System: The Femme Hair Extensions warm fusion system utilizes innovative equipment that will reduce your application time while ensuring maximized control to achieve quality bonds for each individual strand. This system allows for micro applications which look natural, are difficult to feel, invisible and long-lasting. This modern new design allows you to safely monitor the success of your application procedures through very precise indications.


Ring – I-Tip Extension System: Femme Hair Extensions i-tips are bonded with a special keratin tip that is shaped into a cylinder. This technique easily allows you to attach each hair extension to your client’s hair by using micro rings. The micro rings let you link the natural hair with the hair extensions by using a special applicator plier. This alternate method is ideal for those who do not want to use the warm fusion machine.



Temporary Tape-In Hair Extensions: This option offers a strand of natural hair at 4 cm in width and a weight of 2.5 grams per piece available in the entire range of colors of Femme Hair Extensions. A unique new patented adhesive allows you to integrate the hair extensions into the hair, appearing thin and almost invisible.


Accessories: You will immediately have everything you will possibly need to become the top hair extensionist in your community with state-of-the-art Warm Fusion Machine Kits, Haircolor Rings, Keratin Removers, Keratin Cutters, Pliers, Shields, Work Bags, Replacement Tapes, Adhesive Removers, Hair Separators, Needles, Displays, Marketing Devices, Salon Station Hair Holders and specialty professional hairbrushes.