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Last updated: December 30, 2021

Everything Fast Gray Coverage: Services, Pricing & Technique

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How To Incorporate Fast Gray Coverage Into Services

Gray coverage is a necessary upkeep and sometimes time sensitive appointment for so many clients. Time is money—do yourself and your clients a favor and try these tips for incorporating the most efficient gray coverage services & techniques into your appointments!


10-Minute Gray Coverage 

Keeping depth in the hair while covering gray felt like a chore until we discovered this quick tip from balayage specialist, Adina Pignatare (@adina_pignatare)! 


  • Zone 1- Use 1:1 ratio with RUSK Ruskin10 10-Minute Permanent Cream Color and 20-volume developer at the root for coverage.
  • Zone 2- Switch ratio to 1:2 to create a more translucent formula and pull through the ends—this will add in dimension!


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Gray Coverage + Blonding Services

Root coverage, foils, blending—ah! Make these appointments easier on you (and your clients) and try combining services. Samantha Harman (@samanthasbeautyconfessions) breaks down her four steps to conquer these stacked appointments:


“If I am doing gray coverage and lightening process in one, I always do teasylights! If I want my client really light or something more dramatic I would do two processes: gray coverage first then add in highlights/babylights as the second process.” 


  1. Apply the base color first and leave out a section around the face.
  2. Foil the hair in the front section prior to applying the base color to ensure maximum brightness.
  3. Once finished foiling, go back and apply the base color in between each foil.
  4. Add teasylights throughout the back and sides where needed (depending on desired result).


Pro Tip: Samantha says, “Once you apply the base color, go back in with a comb and blend it down just a little bit (similar to a root melt) to prevent any lines. When applying the lightener, be mindful that the base formula is already on the hair. Avoid brushing the lightener up on the base color because it can get a little too warm!” 


Gray Coverage + Teasylights In One Process With RUSK Ruskin10 10-Minute Permanent Cream Color!

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Express Touch-Ups

This simple add-on is a quick way to extend your services without cutting into your other clients’ appointment time! Owner of Stevie The Salon, Stevie Meech (@hairbystevie) calls this add-on “Express Touch-Ups”.


“I book for 30 minutes! 15 minutes for application, 15 minutes for processing and rinse! A lot of my clients leave wet for express but I would add another 30 minutes for drying and styling or possibly dusting if needed!” 


Watch Here For Fast Gray Touch Ups!

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Watch Here For A 5-Minute Shadow Root

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Avoiding Hot Roots

We’ve all been there, the dreaded “oh sh*t” moment in the bowl. Avoid hot roots with this quick developer tip from @samanthasbeautyconfessions:


“Make sure you are formulating correctly. Add a neutral shade into your formula (you could even use one shade darker). Do NOT use anything over 20-volume developer, anything over 20 is going to expose more warmth when covering grays.” 


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