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Last updated: January 07, 2022

Dear Clients, Here’s How You’re Ruining Your Ends

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4 Ways Your Clients Are Ruining Their Ends + Solutions

Split ends are never a big deal for clients until you’re cutting off an inch or more of damaged hair—then it’s the end of the world. No one wants to lose length, which is why it’s important to teach your clients how to properly care for their hair (especially their ends) at home.


To start you off, here are four ways your clients are ruining their ends, plus solutions to each. Send this to all of your favorite clients whose ends need a little TLC asap!


1. Brushing From Roots To Ends

Turns out brushing the hair from roots to ends isn’t just a no-no for curly girls. Starting at the roots pulls knots down to the ends, which causes the client to spend extra time detangling and increases the chance of breakage. 


The Solution: When it’s time to wash, advise your clients to detangle with a rich conditioner and wide-tooth comb from the ends up. Bonus points: Have them try a CBD-based conditioner like Wellphoria™ Nourishing CBD-Infused Conditioner to help hydrate and strengthen strands to prevent future breakage.


Good news! You can get the entire Wellphoria™ CBD-Infused collection at Salonory™!


2. Drying Too Aggressively

Are your clients guilty of roughly towel-drying their hair and blowdrying on the highest heat setting after every wash? If so, that aggressive treatment is causing split ends.


The Solution: Hair is in its most fragile state when it’s wet. Encourage your clients to purchase a microfiber towel to gently squeeze (not rub) the moisture from their hair. If possible, let the hair air dry before styling.


@hairbystevie washed and styled her client using Wellphoria™. She prefers to use this line, because it features a vegan formula and focuses on wellness.

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3. Using The Wrong Products

You always tell your clients that quality products will help keep their hair healthier for longer, and for split end prevention, this is even more important. Inform your clients that harsh shampoos can strip their hair of its natural oils and cause breakage.


The Solution: Recommend an easy-to-follow professional line for your clients to try. For clients looking to grow out their hair, @coloredbycaitlin recommends Wellphoria™ CBD-Infused collection to help balance the scalp and strengthen strands, including Wellphoria™ Nourishing CBD-Infused Shampoo and Wellphoria™ CBD-Infused Hair And Scalp Oil.


For clients who want to strengthen their strands as they grow them out, @coloredbycaitlin recommends Wellphoria™. The CBD-infused line helps to balance the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

4 Ways To Avoid Split Ends
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4. Ignoring Current Split Ends

Once damaged, some clients neglect their hair, so the trauma spreads to healthy strands. While a haircut is the only way to treat split ends, there are things your clients can do at home to reduce the damage.


The Solution: Using a moisturizing hair mask once a week can help nourish and strengthen strands, making them less prone to breakage. @taylor_lamb_hair recommends trying the Wellphoria™ Intensive CBD-Infused Treatment Masque for client use and in the salon. She likes to apply the masque to the ends after foiling her client to squeeze in a quick deep conditioning treatment. 


Here’s how @taylor_lamb_hair gives her clients a quick conditioning treatment while foiling!

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