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Last updated: May 27, 2020

Coronavirus: 5 Short-Term Changes To Make ASAP Once You Reopen

Plus, get a downloadable checklist that includes everything that should be cleaned and disinfected in the salon.

How To Clean Your Tools and Salon During The Coronavirus Back To Work Barbicide
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5 Short-Term Solutions + Practical Changes To Make Once You Reopen
Salon/Suite Owners: It’s time to reopen your salon and get back to work, now what? At least in the short term, the way we operate our businesses will need to change—don’t be scared, get prepared—to protect the safety of our clientele, staff and ourselves. We need to acknowledge that our clients are coming back to us with new expectations, and possibly some reservations, so we can proactively implement plans that reduce risks and prioritize safety first. 


We are working closely with Leslie Roste, BSN, RNBarbicide® National Director of Industry Relations and Education—who specializes in infection control and chemical safety, to provide you with tools that will help your salon business. Let’s do this, fam! 💪




Consider Making These Short-Term Practical Changes:  


1. How Often You Should Clean/Disinfect Different Areas Of The Salon

Implement a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting schedule that outlines the responsibilities and expectations of every staff member.


Click HERE to download a checklist that breaks down what should be cleaned/disinfected between every service, hourly and daily.


2. Limiting Contact At The Reception Desk

Reduce risk by implementing contact-free payment and scheduling systems to protect the safety of salon staff and clients.


  • Replace written appointment cards with online scheduling. 
  • Try contact-free mobile payment methods like Apple Pay.
  • Ask clients to read their card numbers to the receptionist (instead of swiping), so only your staff members are touching the POS terminal.
  • If you use an iPad or contact-required payment methods, clean them frequently.
  • Disinfect the reception counter, door handles, phones and writing implements at the beginning of the day and every 1 to 2 hours, based on salon traffic.



3. Avoid A Full Waiting Room

Stylists should never feel pressured to get someone in their chair quickly, without enough time to properly disinfect their stations.


  • Don’t accept walk-in services. Use an appointment system instead.
  • If you do allow walk-ins, be conscious of how many people are in the waiting room together at once. If needed, make responsible decisions to move appointment times to avoid overcrowding.
  • Stagger appointment times, so there is less waiting time in the reception/retail area.
  • Keep the waiting room as safe as possible. Decline services to anyone showing symptoms and let them know politely that you will help them schedule their appointments for a later time.



4. Avoid Any Non-Essential Contact 

Both your clients and staff members will appreciate you prioritizing their health and safety first.


  • Discontinue hand shaking, hugging and non-essential contact.
  • Avoid magazines, self-serve beverages and shared snacks/candy.
  • Ask both stylists and clients to wash their hands before services.
  • If you are willing to wear a mask, make that option known to clients.
  • Make clients feel safe by demonstrating your preventative actions.
    • For example, label products ‘dirty’ and ‘disinfected’ and work properly out of the clean container in front of clients.


5. How To Communicate These Short-Term Solutions With Clients

Your clients have new expectations of you, so let them know how you are going above and beyond to exceed them.


  • Send a reassurance letter to clients that outlines your commitment to safety and any new systems you are implementing.
  • Post on your social media channels and share how you are preparing your salon for reopening.
  • Place signage in the window to let your clients know you are practicing proper infection control.
  • Encourage conversation. The best way to show your clients that you’re doing absolutely everything you can to protect them? Letting them know that you are welcome to addressing any questions or concerns they might be having.


Have you read our recent article on what needs to be done BEFORE OPENING? If not, click here for a checklist and safety guidelines that will help you properly clean and disinfect your salon.

How To Clean Your Tools and Salon During The Coronavirus Back To Work Barbicide Before Your Salon Reopens
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