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Last updated: October 21, 2020

7 Evil Eye Nail Art Designs For Avoiding Bad Karma

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7 Nail Art Designs For Good Luck & Good Vibes

Find yourself in need of some extra protection these days? Good News: Evil eye nail at is trending this spooky season and we’re welcoming all the positive vibes. Get ready to bring on the good fortune because below, we’re sharing seven eye-opening nail designs! 


1. Symbolic Evil Eyes By @illustratedpgh

via Instagram @illustratedpgh


2. French Fade With Intention By @trouvaillebeautybar

via Instagram @trouvaillebeautybar



3. Ward Off Evil Spirits But With Glitter By @thehangedit

via Instagram @thehangedit


4. Evil Eyes That Are Out Of This World By @emilysmakeupandnails

via Instagram @emilysmakeupandnails


5. Classic French Tips With Evil Eye Accents By @bluesy_nails 

via Instagram @bluesy_nails



6. Evil Eye Glass Nails By @solavishnails

via Instagram @solavishnails


7. Evil Eye Art & Gold Jewelry Is A VIBE By @missbettyrose

via Instagram @missbettyrose


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